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  • Published October 29, 2022
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Medico Home Loans are available for Doctors and Other Medical Professionals

Are you a doctor? Do you want to buy a home? Do not worry about high interest rates and costly home loan packages. There are several lenders/credit providers who are willing to offer special deals and savings to you in the form of Medico Home Loans, because, you are considered to:

Have a lower than average delinquency rate; and

Be at a low risk of defaulting on your home loan repayments.

What Special Deals and Savings are available to Doctors and other Medical Professionals?

Certain lenders/credit providers are willing to help doctors and other medical professionals with a number of preferential discounts and benefits. These range from:

Discounted Interest Rates – Doctors and other medical professionals are being offered discounts off the standard variable interest rate home loan, which is more than what is being offered to many other consumers. It can add up to significant savings over the course of a 25 or 30 year home loan;

Higher Loan-to-Value Ratio (LVR) – Many specialist home loan packages for medical professionals come with a higher LVR percentage than a traditional home loan;

Lender’s Mortgage Insurance (LMI) – You are able to borrow up to an LVR of 90 per cent of the property value up to 2 million dollars and not have to pay LMI;

You may not have to pay any set up costs and application fees;

You can have access to easier cash out (home equity release loans); and

You can receive fast, streamlined loan approval even for the typical “hard loan approvals”.

Now that you know about the special deals and savings that are offered to you by lenders/credit providers, do not worry about the cost of home loans. If you are apprehensive of obtaining a loan, you can take help of an expert.

Contact a Medico Home Loan Expert

If you are looking to buy a home and want to finish the loan process quickly, you can contact an expert finance broker. He/she is professionally qualified and licensed in providing specialist home loan assistance to doctors. He/she will help you to negotiate a suitable loan package and will even help you to arrange finance:

If you are looking at establishing a medical practice in your local area; or

If you are looking to relocate to the country and establish a medical practice in a quiet country town.

Finance Me is a trusted finance brokerage firm for doctors. Contact the firm for pre-approved medico home loan for doctors.

Ray Ethell offers a wealth of experience to his clients, gained from 20 years in the Finance industry, and prides himself on providing reliable customer focused service.

website: https://financeme.com.au/medico-home-loan/

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