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  • Published May 12, 2023
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By: Lionel Ortiz

The Soviet Union were a communist country often referred as¨The SuperPower¨

The Soviet Union were referred as ¨The SuperPower¨ for inventing the most powerful nuke ever recorded named Tsar Bomba and many other reasons for example they made one of the strongest tanks in the world, having an advantage in natural resources, inventing the MiG-21, stopping Nazi Germany, making the first artificial satellite to ever orbit the earth, and having advanced technology and resources.

Joseph Stalin.

Joseph Stalin was a politician,former ruler of the Soviet Union and was feared by China because of his previous nuclear warfare which would silence the Chinese president's political beliefs.

In Joseph Stalin´s Presidency he had so much power that he forced labor, deportation, famine, bloody massacres, and detention and interrogation by Stalin's henchmen.

In 1939, his regime signed a nonaggression pact with Nazi Germany, resulting in the Soviet invasion of Poland.

Wars and annexation that Stalin caused.

On June 17, 1940, Latvia was invaded by the Red Army which caused the annexation of Latvia.

on August 6, 1940- September 30,1944 Occurred the invasion of Estonia and on August 6, 1940 Estonia were formally annexed to the USSR

The Soviet Union invaded Poland on September 17, 1939 without a formal declaration in which resulted The Soviet Union capturing east Poland.

On November 30, 1939 three months after the outbreak of World War II Stalin ordered the invasion of Finland and on March 13, 1940 they created a treaty and east of finland was taken, And much more.

Stalin and his relationship with his son.

Stalin never paid attention to his son which resulted in his son falling into deep depression and eventually shot himself in the chest narrowly missing his heart.

After Stalin's son shot himself Stalin proceeded to say ¨he can't even shoot straight¨.

on 1941 Stalinś son was held hostage by Nazi Germany and agreed to let him go in Stalin would hand

over one of his field marshals or else they'll torture stalinś son to death and stalin said ¨I would never swap a lieutenant for a field marshal.

Stalin made a rule where no one could go in his room EVER in which when he had a stoke in his room he died, his death occured on March 5, 1953.

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