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Many of you will agree that it is difficult to give a definitive answer to the question, because everyone has their own idea of what a meaningful life should be and even for some, how should one go about achieving it? What may give purpose and meaning to one person may be completely different to another.

In general, a meaningful life is a life of happiness and self-fulfillment, a life surrounded by loved ones and activities that are enjoyed.

If a person is satisfied with what he is doing with his life, then for him his life has meaning. To have a meaningful life is to wake up each morning with a sense of appreciation for the opportunity to live another day.

Everyone is here for a reason. Finding that reason can be difficult, but to find it, you must pursue your passion. Doing whatever it takes to accomplish something you love makes your life worth living. Whether it's caring for people, excelling at your job, or creating something new, your passion creates an inner joy unlike anything else.

Some people seem to spend their whole lives unsatisfied in search of the ultimate goal. However, we all have what we need to live a meaningful life.

Any time a person offers me excuses or complain about their lack of success, simply, I quote the English physicist Stephen Hawking; ‘’ However difficult life may seem, there is always something you can do and succeed at.‘’

If he was able to achieve success with all the pitfall in his life, we surely can make the effort to try seriously to do our best.

When you know you are working towards that passion every day, you feel a sense of purpose. You are drawn into this state of self-fulfillment. And until you can achieve this goal, you are dissatisfied, and you feel a void in your life.

Self-fulfillment should be a lifelong goal for everyone. The whole process gives meaning to your life, but you can't stop when you think you've reached your goal. You must continue to set higher goals for yourself, so that your life will always have a meaning.

A meaningful life is above all the accumulation of success for which you have set the goals. To do this, you must set goals and achieve them, you must motivate yourself.

First, you will need to clearly understand the basic needs required to live such as basic day-to-day needs, security, social relation, self-esteem, and self-realization needs. Then you will need to understand what drives you to achieve your goals, feel more fulfilled, and improve your overall quality of life by simple daily motivation to accomplish.

So, have you ever wondered if you are highly motivated, or someone who is not?

To be successful, you'll need to understand the characteristics that make people motivated, so you can be one. This is not a short and easy process but a lifetime one. So, you will need to be clear about what you want, for example, you will need to learn how to cope with detractors and discover ways to progress. Be aware that there are many other details and handling of situations to consider.

Here, it must be understood that if we give up so easily it is because we do not master the techniques to deal with it and above all, we do not have a plan. This plan will have to spark the passion in you, so you will have to learn to find your passion in life.

Once achieve, it will also be necessary to find your vocation being the key to understand your identity and your purpose, because it will answer two timeless questions: Who am I? Why am I here?

In a nutshell, to make your life meaningful, you will need to be completely open and transparent as you look inside yourself to answer the tough questions about what you think you need to do to succeed in life. To help you to develop a clear and detailed program, for your personal growth and happiness in life you will need My Success Is Your Success.

The book through questions, quotes and reflections provides the necessary elements to explore your soul, to find out who you really are, what your true passions are and how you can become more efficient and effective, so you can shape your own success, and then help those around you do the same. Remember that success is all about team efforts!

Find out more about « what makes a life meaningful » with My Success Is Your Success. The book through questions, quotes and reflections provides the necessary elements to explore all about motivation so to shape your success and help those around you do the same. Remember that success is all about team efforts!

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