My Journey Toward Stupidity


  • Author Lina Alzouabi
  • Published May 16, 2024
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No need to worry; you read correctly. It is really ‘ my journey to stupidity’, a place that everybody seeks to stay away from. Though I'm not saying I'm heading toward it on my own, there are occasions when I feel obliged to act stupid—not that I am, which is obviously not the case, I hope so. Albert Einstein said a hundred years ago, “Two things are infinite: the universe and human stupidity, and I am not yet completely sure about the universe," yet the universe is still being discovered. So, instead of fearing this limitless source of stupidity, we should consider exploiting its potential for our own benefit.

Pretending not to know something is challenging, and thinking of someone else being smarter can be distressing, particularly as people like to brag about how smart they are. Actually, trying to be less smart or even stupid is inappropriate in certain circumstances. There are times when acting stupid can be a sign of being smart and wise, and there are times when it can be a sign of lying and cheating. If you spend it wisely, it will help you in every aspect of your life. As it helps pass challenges and problems to find peace of mind.

I believe that knowing when to use stupidity wisely is a skill that must be mastered. Sometimes, we have little choice but to act stupidly in front of the people we care about because we don't want to lose them. We, on the other hand, act stupid around people who hate us; this is not a sign of weakness on our part. We know that malicious lies only hurt the people who tell them. One of the other benefits of acting stupid is that it helps us distance ourselves from arrogance and bragging, enabling us to gain awareness of our own areas of ignorance.

In order to ensure the reader's understanding of the topic at hand, I am here offering a specific instance of stupidity distinct from the more common triviality nowadays, where everyone presents themselves as well-informed but says nothing. They are full of false confidence and skilled at handling any kind of poisoned or manipulative talk. This is especially true when they present themselves as experts in everything. I'm not writing this essay to educate readers about stupidity or to list different kinds of it; rather, I'm trying to make an opportunity in the world today for stupidity (by choice), where intelligence is highly valued to the extent of sanctification while ignoring stupidity that could be seen as an advantage of the human mind if utilized in an "intelligent" way.

To sum up, pretending to be stupid occasionally makes us stronger, helps us survive in a society where intelligence is valued above all else, and allows us to think creatively and unconventionally. If we were to go back in time to the old era, we would discover that everyone who was labeled as stupid—including Einstein and Shakespeare—was actually a genius who gave humanity something that those who were considered intellectual did not. In the end, we can't picture a life without stupidity or people who pretend to be stupid. If we did, our lives would be dull and without taste or smell.

Lina Alzouabi is Currently an English Literature Ph.D. Candidate at Karabuk University in Turkey. I got a Professional Diploma in Refugee and Forced Migration Studies and a Professional Diploma in Social Work: Refugees and Migrants. I was an alumni fellow of Columbia Global Centers in 2021. In addition to my work as an English teacher for eight years, I have been working on some research related to Syrian refugees’ migration, education, Syrian women’s situations, and forced displacement and health projects

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