Europe to be United in a Union of Ten Nations

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  • Author Garfield Gregoire
  • Published June 5, 2023
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Part 3.

In part 2, it was shown that the beast or leader over the ten nations that is to come together in Europe, and as previously stated, this man is likely to be of Germanic origin, and perhaps he could possibly come out of Austria or Germany itself.

Charlemagne, (who restored the Roman Empire) -by ruling over much of Western Europe, served as great source of inspiration to Hitler, and according to legend, Charlemagne lay sleeping in a cave of ice on the Untersberg, inside the mountain, and is waiting for the time when he will be called back to save the Holy Roman Empire, or until he is summoned for the final battle of good against evil at the end of the world. Hitler, who had his retreat or home in the mountains of Bavaria commented that it was not by chance that he had his seat of authority across from where he could look out and see the Untersberg – where Charlemagne is supposed to be sleeping on ice. Hitler felt he was a man of destiny, and there is no doubt this coming leader or beast power will assume he too will be a man of destiny – as he will, no doubt, understand European history the and revival of the Holy Roman Empire.

The Pope is Going to Back the Beast Power

The Catholic church has long been involved in all the previous six revivals of the Roman Empire; the papacy has conferred the title of Holy Roman Emperor to Charlemagne, Otto the Great, Charles the Great of the Hapsburg was crowned by pope Clement VII as emperor – and so was Napoleon. In 1929, Mussolini signed the Lateran Treaty with the Vatican; this treaty recognized Vatican City as an independent state under the sovereignty of what the they call the “holy see.”

In Revelation 17, John saw this Great false Church - who is pictured as a woman riding upon a scarlet – colored beast - “having seven heads and ten horns’ (Verse 3). The woman rides and guides the beast – which is the Roman Empire; the Catholic Church has been associated with all the six revivals of the Holy Roman empire; it is this religious system that is spoken of in Daniel 7:8 as the little horn that came up among the three other horns that were “plucked up by the roots …” The Catholic Church had caused the first three of the ten horns to come out of the Holy Roman empire to be plucked up, but after that, this great false Church, sat on all the six revivals of the Roman empire, and will so do at the seventh or final resurrection that is now to occur in our time, and based on God’s word, I can tell you with absolute certainty that this world is going to see a Pope supporting the rise of these ten nations that will come out of Europe, and will seek to give the beast power her blessing – which is going to result in a time of great religious persecution upon those who refuse to adhere to the doctrines and teachings of this Church.

With this great false Church or religious system supporting the call for a United States of Europe or for these ten nations to come together, we are going to see a sudden and drastic change among the NATO Allies – as several nations of Europe are going to come together to give their support to the beast power.

Please understand that the Roman Empire was a multi ethnic complex in Western and central Europe; and so we are going to see nations of this like coming together to form the seventh Revival of the Holy Roman empire; countries such as France, Spain, Germany, Austria, Poland, Hungary, and Italy will most likely be the ones to make up these ten kings or seventh Revival of the Holy Roman empire; Ireland was never a part of the Holy Roman empire, but the fact that it is deeply Catholic, may inspire this country to become a part of this final resurrection of the Empire – as it may be willing to follow the Papacy in its support of these ten nations, but the short amount of time that remains ahead of us is going to reveal exactly who these ten nations are going to be.

I want you to notice what God says is going to happen to the United States when this seventh

Revival of the Holy Roman Empire comes together: “In all your dwelling places the cities shall be laid waste, and the high places shall be desolate; that your altars may be laid waste and made desolate … and your works may be abolished. And the slain shall fall in the midst of you, and ye shall know that I am the Lord” (Ezekiel 6: 6,7). God says nuclear World War III is coming our way and our cities are going to be destroyed. This final Revival of the Holy Roman Empire is going use nuclear weapons on our cites; places like Washington. Philadelphia, New York City, Los Angeles and other places are going to be blown off the map – bringing mega death; even our places of industrial military production are going to fall and the remaining survivors of our people are going to be taken captive into foreign lands – where they are going to be treated as slaves. You think the world hates America now, it is in this time that the nations are going to mock and berate our people – until God will intervenes to save us from our captors.

The United States and Britain are going to be the two nations to feel the most intensified wrath of the Revived Roman empire – as we are going to be in pain and distress as a nation; we are going to be under siege and in tremendous distress, and even before the Revived Roman Empire comes up against our people, we are going to in dire economic distress and troubles to which no politician is ever going to be able to solve; there will be disease epidemic, food shortages – leading to tremendous famine; God says, a third of our people are going to die from this famine and pestilence that is coming (Ezekiel 5:12); this means we will be weakened internally that we are going to be defeated in a nuclear war – as the will to fight will not be there – as it would be if our country were not plagued by its own internal problems.

Space here does not permit me to explain in detail that our Cattles are going to die in great numbers due to drought and disease; our farmlands are going to be dried up and we are going to have great water shortage.

We are a nation that have forgotten God; we have forgotten the mighty hand that raised up this country to stand tall among the nations of the earth in military might, economic blessings, fertile land with all its majestic mountains and rivers; so great and vast has been our nation that the world desires to come to the shores of America to fulfill their dreams and hope for a better life. As a nation, we have been the envy of the world – because of these tremendous blessings, but we have come to forget God – hence, we have become a broken and divided people; we have become corrupt and is morally off the track – as we condone the sins of homosexuality and are entertained by all manner of perversion and wrong doing; for all of these things, God is going to severely punish our people.

God has revealed that we would have great military capability, but would be afraid to use it, because God is breaking the pride of our power (Lev. 26:19). Our enemies no longer fear us as they once did because they know of our reluctance to fight and win a war; and based on what we have heard on the news, it already appears that our enemies are sending spy balloons into our own territory because they know America has become a paper tiger – as we do not have strong and insightful leaders to lead the nation anymore; We do not have a General MacArthur or a George Patton anymore; all our leaders seemed bent on doing is seeking to appease our enemies. When you try to appease a bully, that bully is going to demand more and more and will not take seriously the bullied person. Countries like China, Russia, and Iran would like to play bullies with the USA because they understand our reluctance to decisively respond; we have leader In Washington who seem reluctant and overly cautious in the way of sending a clear response to those nations – to the point of being timid. It was Ronald Reagan who said, “if we lose freedom here, there is no place to escape to. This is the last stand on earth.” Mr. Reagan also made known that the greater danger lies in appeasement. It seems our leaders in Washington are devoid of this understanding.

President Biden has repeatedly stated that the United States stand in unison with our NATO Allies, but all that is going to change as the United States is destined to lose its say so in Europe; Europe is going to become bitter with our nation, and we are not going to escape the wrath of this soon coming United States of Europe.

Jesus warned us to watch world event and pray that we may be accounted worthy to escape all these things to come upon the world. We must watch as events are going to unfold in Europe to bring about this final and seventh Revival of the Holy Roman Empire; watch for Germany to have a greater say in European affairs -as we are standing on the threshold of one of the most significant end time prophecies to shortly come to pass. I end the article with these positive words: “And in the days of these kings shall the God of heaven set up a kingdom, which shall never be destroyed …” (Daniel 2:44). The GOOD NEWS is that Jesus Christ is about to return to set up the ruling Government of God on the earth; there could be no greater news than this. Keep your eyes on Europe -as these prophesied events are going to come to pass, and when it comes, things are just going to suddenly fall into place – catching the world off guard until it is TOO LATE!

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I am an old man who has long realized that professing Christianity - with all it Mega-Churches and various denominations do not at all proclaim the true teachings of the Bible; and so, I write these articles for those with an open mind, who, may possibly, be willing to see the truth.

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