What Frosts My Nuts: Nixon had Big Balls but not P.B.J.

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  • Author David Lasaine
  • Published October 9, 2023
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Today’s episode is sponsored by Creepies Breakfast Serial Sniffers.

I must be honest; I cannot stand watching coverage of politics. I am finding the common belief to be from the government and much of the media, the American people are stupid. How it is when the absolute proof is shoved in front of a politician’s face they committed a crime of some sort, the answer is they are a victim and it’s the Republican’s fault or the Democrat’s fault, or God’s fault, or worse…the most powerful human to walk the Earth, and even more powerful than an orange-haired T-Rex…Trump’s fault.

The first rule taught to all politicians is that the potential voter you are speaking to needs to be told what they want to hear. I cannot say this for a fact, but it’s obvious to those who can think for themselves.

Take the current administration. First, how is it that the President’s son gets to freeload off the taxpayer? Why is he at so many events, riding on Air Force One, walking down the steps next to his daddy, instead of Mrs. (pretending to be a doctor outside of college) Biden being there? Or when she is, she follows like a dressed-up second-class person. I would think women’s groups would be screaming at this insult. Oh, lord protect us, for after I realized what is happening could be true. P.B.J. is not running the country, his son is.

Here’s a suggestion: Leave the grown child at home with a male-armed babysitter.

Is it thought of that V.P. looks like the Joker without makeup and GOD FORBID, the President dies, and she becomes the FIRST FEMALE Mix breed President in U.S. history yet can’t solve a single issue?

I, for one, am tired of hearing the excuse of how old P.B.J. (No not a peanut butter and jelly sandwich) IS or MIGHT be, but more importantly to point out his obvious dementia.

If a drug dealer on the South Side of anywhere U.S.A. does something wrong, he/she is in cuffs and in jail awaiting a trial. How is it, with all the evidence shown, that Mr. P.B.J. floats around the world in his own little world representing YOU? I can hardly wait until an impeachment hearing happens and the brand-new college graduate lawyer says…The Big Guy does not connect P.B.J. to that name. There is no obvious legal connection. The Big Guy can mean anyone larger than an ant. That’s why P.B.J. laughs at you. He knows until he grows a pair, he will continue to laugh in your face along with the others in the ruling hierarchy.

Why do politicians treat us as if we are stupid?

  1. Because the American people allow it.

  2. People are more dedicated to their party than the truth.

No matter what news station a person listens to or watches, the information put out is one-sided.

There is no melting pot image of the U.S. anymore. It is the land of oil and water. Yes, people come here to start new lives, and many become very successful. There are also those who also come here for the freebies. But why should anyone be upset at them? After all, it is our government that enjoys ALL the freebies they want on YOUR back.

Some may remember Nixon for Watergate. Oh, he was such an evil fellow. His recordings now public to listen to showed he was a ball buster. But whether you liked him or not, he was the first President to meet with China, he got us out of Vietnam, and he had the BIG BALLS to resign. What was amazing was it took a porn star named Deep Throat to take him down, all the way.

What Nixon was accused of and owned up to, was minuscule compared to the current administration's goals of destroying this land so many died to create and defend. YOUR great-grandparents, grandparents, parents, brothers, sisters, sons, daughters… etc., lives were given for nothing. Look in the mirror and see them. Then look at yourself. Who do you trust more, your family and their values or these people who care nothing about you?

To the people out there who are highly educated and there are many, the answer to a Yes or No question is not the opportunity to jump on a soapbox and do a soft-shoe shuffle, the answer is spelled either Y-E-S or N-O. Not the gook which is spewed out more than Al Jaffee’s Answers to Stupid Questions series.

That concludes today’s What Frosts My Nuts episode brought to you by, Creepies Breakfast Serial Sniffer.

“Creepies Breakfast Serial Sniffer, the Breakfast of Political Champions who love to nibble, kiss, and sniff babies, young girls, ladies, and yet know not to put their mouth or nose on a man because they’ll get slugged right in the kisser.”

I wrote a nightly rant called, What Frosts My Nuts. A conservative website asked me to send contributions as a Freelance Writer. I said I failed English every year in high school. Her response was I could tell a story with emotion. I am a Baby Boomer. I listened and learned from the old, and still alive at 65, I listen and watch the young. DISCLAIMER: I will not be politically correct, so if one is offended by my creativity; breathe and relax. abluepelican@gmail.com www.davidlasaine.weebly.com

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