What Frosts My Nuts: The End Time Has Come

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  • Author David Lasaine
  • Published November 3, 2023
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Depending on what side you are on you will lose. If you are for the inhumane massacre of life and the total annihilation of Israel or are against it. It is simple, you will lose.

Throughout human history, humans have honored and prayed for things they could not see. Also, throughout history, humans have killed each other.

This time though, whether you think Israel is barbaric against the Gaza Strip people or if you think all the countries that ganged up on Israel and murdered innocent babies, women, and the elderly are hell-bent on wiping Israel off the face of the Earth is okay, it is time you realize something.

Praying does nothing. If there is a God, every time something happens it is God's Will. So, praying is worthless, no matter what side you are on. It is God's Will if Israel is destroyed, it is God's Will if the Gaza Strip is wiped out.

But remember this as your skin burns and falls off your body. It is in the bible man shall kill man, so they know the Lord God is supreme. Guess what? If the numbskulls bomb Jerusalem and destroy it, or succeeds in destroying Israel, Netanyahu will press the buttons to launch an attack which if any government has any guts, will launch theirs. America will disappear, and China and Russia will lose half their land since they are so large. North Korea will disappear, and Iran will lose. All the wonderful people who live in all these countries will lose because of hatred with no sight.

The fallout will create a Nuclear Winter and all life will die, like the dinosaurs. The only survivors will be the politicians who have cities built underground. There, they will live for hundreds of years. But there will be no groundwater because it will all be polluted. Oh, and the cockroaches.

So, who is to blame for all this? One finger points at Israel, one finger points at Iran, one finger points at Britain, and one finger points at the U.S. But no fingers point at the one who PREDETERMINES everything and whose WILL controls all... G-O-D.

This will be my last Frost My Nuts Article for after reading and seeing what I have happening in the Middle East and hearing people rejoice, I realize most of the world is lost and has no sense at all. It makes no sense to spend my time writing entertaining or satiric opinions for people to read. Therefore, I am for an all-out Nuclear War and destroy all life and to let the Earth heal and eliminate the poison that walks this planet... Humans.

One person, one mind, who tried to reach others. There is no hope for hatred in the world. It existed before I was born and hopefully will end in one big nuclear blast to wipe out mankind.

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