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  • Published December 24, 2023
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An educated mind is vital for the future of our society. A college education is extremely important. College is an investment in one’s future, it allows for better career opportunities, and it provides room for personal growth and development to be a well-functioning adult in this world. By attending college and pursuing and furthering your education, you are allowing yourself a whole new world of opportunity.

College is an Investment

College is a major investment in one’s future. Yes, college is a huge commitment and takes up lots of time and money; however, it can also be considered a down payment on success. For example, if an athlete does not push themselves at practice, they cannot expect to perform well during games; if an athlete puts in the time and work during practice, their efforts will surely be rewarded come game time. If you are dedicated to widening your education and pursuing the degree of your choice, then the benefits of attending college are endless and this investment in your future will prove to have positive return.

Better Career Opportunities

Additionally, college is also a gateway to better career opportunities. Often, attending college can be the deciding factor whether an individual gets the job or not. It is not so much what degree you have, but that you have a degree at all. Also, the occupations that college sets you up for are higher paid jobs with many benefits that one cannot have access to unless they have a college degree, such as, healthcare, retirement investment, and travel. It is harder for an individual who only has a high school diploma to find a well-paying job that they would be able to advance in over time. By attending college, you are solidifying a more secure future in which you will be able to thrive.

College helps shape individuals

Another major reason college education is important is because it provides room for personal growth and development to occur within an individual who seeks a degree. Though you might not realize, a college education requires its students to overcome and conquer many types of difficult obstacles that they experience while pursuing their degree. In the real world, everyone is guaranteed trials and tribulations that make their life far from easy. However, those who have attended college have already been exposed to certain hardships and have learned how to handle different situations, making it a little easier when they face difficulties in their future. You also acquire many other abilities throughout college, some of which include organization, time management, and social skills. These are necessary for one to be able to thrive in their place of work. A college education not only provides a degree, but life lessons and skills that one could never obtain anywhere else.

Some may say that you do not have to attend college to be successful, and they are right. I agree that college is not for everyone, however, by getting a college education you gain the security of knowing that you would be able to get a well-paying job and that you would be able to provide for yourself. I believe any able person should obtain a college education for themselves.

To conclude, a college education is especially important because it is an investment for one’s future, it allows for better career opportunities, and it provides students with opportunities to grow and develop skills that they will carry with them throughout their life. It is clear to see all the benefits that come with obtaining a college education. The time and effort an individual pours into their time at a university shows future employers that they have the grit and the will to finish tasks asked of them. Furthering your education is something that your future self will surely reap the benefits of.

Hi! My name is Makenna Locklin and I am in my junior year of college at the University of West Florida. This article is for an assignment in one of my classes and is a topic that I feel strongly about!

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