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  • Author Kyle Toon
  • Published May 4, 2024
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Seeking truth from the expression of natural processes illuminates the metaphysical complexities that surround humanity, yet simplistically attributable to understanding human potential and possibility. For instance, the pre and postnatal processes speak to high volumes about the special capability of procreation and the capacity for humans to endure a paradox of sensations and emotional experiences, such as joy, pain, suffering, and contentment. A mother's biochemical makeup, physical characteristics, and psycho-emotional manifestations go through tremendous changes, which can be viewed as survival-based adaptations to fortify the biological necessity of safety and balance. Whilst, maintaining the harmonious development-growth relationship between child and Mother. The symbology of changes that occur in the pre and postnatal process represents the transformative capacity of becoming anew, personifying divine power and spirit, and possibly, re-armoring for the journey towards collective destiny.

These interpretations of the invisible (sight unseen, mostly) changes that take form during the pre and postnatal process are not the end all, be all. They are, however, a singular perspective on the interrelatedness between what is perceivable and phenomena that are not fully perceivable, based on the assumption that we are, first and foremost spiritual beings with purpose and a mission that is interconnected with the natural, metaphysical world.

By extracting meaning from natural processes we began to practice and exercise humility, in real-time. Over these past few centuries, humanity has become less connected, more detached from the natural world, and more connected and dependent on the objective, physical world. We have improved systems of communication, economics, transportation, and food-bearing for the convenience of speed and productivity, without maintaining a balance between technological advancement and harmonious living within the natural world. To reinvigorate our ancestral way of connectedness, we must view ourselves as cohabitants of a natural milieu, since we are, as human beings, inhabitants of a world already blessed with manifestations of life and existence.

Transformation is fundamental to living and life processes, immaterial of classifications, categorizations, or stratifications imposed by Western science or society. Tadpoles eventually become frogs, caterpillars are destined to become butterflies, and embryos mature into fetuses that eventually enter the world as human infants. We are fully immersed in a reality where transformation is instinctively encoded in every life form. What is not [commonly] self-evident in the metaphysical or human life is Transcendence. Transcendence can be described as the realization of one’s truest, most sincerest potential through actualization; assuming a disciplined approach when directing energy towards divine aspirations; and extending beyond the boundaries of limitation and parameters of repression. Not all male lion cubs become rulers; some do not make it past adolescence and others die trying to accomplish this regal feat. The same applies to human beings; some who are born into oppressive environments with troubling family circumstances may prevail through adversity, and while certainly unfortunate, some become consumed by the engulfing forces of pain, suffering, and misery.

I once read that the human soul encompasses "spirit" and "intelligence". Just like our natural counterparts, we are predisposed to intangible, unique qualities vital for the long, tiresome, and unpredictable experiences of life. We possess untapped will, unrealized creativity, and the propensity to transform knowledge and learning into intelligence.

I leave you these words from a Great psychologist who focused his research on natural psychology and the mental liberation of Afrikan descendants-

“We have vast human potential and are energy generators rather than simply reactors. Our creation is in the form of the Creator and has the same capacity for creativity.” ~ Na’im Akbar

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My name is Kyle; an Afrikan and Bajan decedent; husband of 11 years; father of 3 beautiful children; MSW graduate student; and US Army Conscientious Objector with over 13 years of military experience (Chief Warrant Officer). Since working through the perils of moral injury, identity dissonance, and other post-trauma mental health experiences — I have refound my first love: writing.

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