Dealing with Urinary Tract Infections in Dogs - UTI In Dogs


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  • Published May 11, 2008
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Urinary tract infection is the most common disease acquired by dogs. This is because most dogs don't have the liberty to just go out and heed the call of nature whenever they wish. Most dogs need to adhere to the schedule given to them by their masters. And because they can't always go when they need to go, they have no choice but to hold it in. That's the main reason why dogs develop UTI.

You'll know if your dog has UTI if it winces in pain every time it pees. Another telltale sign is the presence of blood in their urine as well. Other physical signs of UTI in dogs would be weight loss, anorexia, vomiting, and abdominal pains.

Your dog needs to receive immediate treatment from UTI the moment you suspect your pet had acquired it or when your veterinarian had positively diagnosed it. If left ignored, UTI can bring about crippling pain and discomfort to your dog. UTI can also develop into a much severe disease like cancer and tumors if not treated properly.

To provide relief from UTI in dogs, veterinarians would normally prescribe a certain course of treatment. If the disease is not so severe, a change in your dog's diet should be sufficient, along with some antibiotics. Otherwise, surgery might be necessary. Veterinarians would conduct several diagnostic tests on your dog to determine the extent of the disease. X-ray and ultrasound are the most common methods employed. Veterinarians need to check if your dog would benefit from oral medications or if it needs a more obtrusive mode of treatment.

But more than treating the disease, prevention is still the best way to go. Prevent UTI by giving your dogs the right type of food. Never give your dog human food, especially those with high salt content. Salty foods and foods with too much preservatives are not going to help your pet at all. Give them only all-natural dog meals and pet foods that are especially formulated to treat UTI. There are also many home remedies for UTI that you can give your pets. Good examples are citrus juices, distilled water, and fresh meals.

Dog owners are advised to strictly follow the instructions of their doctors in order to treat their pets. This might mean regular visits to the clinic. It could cost you a little but then again, it would definitely keep your pet away from the complications of UTI. The most common of which are renal failure, high fever, and a weakened immune system.

Ensure your dog's health all the time. Quality time spent with your best friend is essential because only then you can fully observe the behavior and temperament of your pets. And the moment the signs of UTI arise, you will definitely know how to deal with it.

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