Couponing: Snipping Your Way to Savings

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  • Published September 26, 2009
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The financial crisis has prompted people to save in any way they can and if you’re one of those people who are currently feeling the pinch, you might want to try out coupons as a way of cutting down on your bills. Coupons are offered by most retailers and are available year-round.

Coupon Strategies

You can avail of coupons through magazines and newspapers and if you combine these, you can shave off hundreds of pounds from your bills. Some establishments send coupons and discount vouchers through the mail. You can also make use of the coupons that you find in in-store magazines although these are acceptable only in that particular store.

Some supermarkets allow you to use coupons as cash and you can even use a coupon for another product that isn't mentioned on that ticket. Make sure to check with the salespeople about their policy on this as not all establishments allow you to purchase alternatives to the ones the coupons are designed for. Raincheck vouchers are also a good savings tool. A raincheck voucher is a coupon that allows you to get a discount at a later date. This is usually issued if the product advertised on a coupon is currently out of stock.

The Web is also awash with printable coupons and all you have to do is perform an online search for the type of coupons that you need and you will likely get a website that offers them. As an alternative to printing out and clipping coupons, you can also use discount codes which take off a percentage off your bill when you shop at an online store.

Restaurant Coupons

Many of us have sacrificed eating in out in our quest to stretch the pound but if you fancy yourself a nice dinner out with the family, you can use restaurant vouchers to help you out with the bill.

Again, you can scour the Internet for these types of vouchers, you can register on the websites then print out the coupons. The restaurants themselves also give out coupons as they know this is a good way of drawing in more business. There are a variety of deals offered by restaurants. Some take off as much as 50 percent off your bill, others have 2 for 1 offers and yet others offer free meals for your kids if you eat at their establishment.

Make sure to read the fine print of the vouchers that you plan on using. Typically, restaurants have certain restrictions on usage. Some are accepted only with credit card purchase while others can be used during certain days of the week only.

High Street Discounts

There have been some difficulties using vouchers at the high street but the stores have scheduled sales that you can take advantage of. Newly scheduled sales and ongoing bargains are available both in-store and online although some promotions may be available online only. High street sales typically offer 20 to 50 percent off on selected items.

A lot of the popular establishments on the high street such as Halfords, M&S, BHS, Mothercare and so on have ongoing promotions.

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