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  • Published September 30, 2009
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If you really want to protect yourself against crime, then check out wide range of high quality self defense products like the stun guns, pepper sprays etc. Stun guns are the most powerful self defense products. The effects of stun gun and pepper spray are long lasting.

Stun guns have become quite effective, discreet and are very safe to use. Stun gun can generate huge current and up. It can floor an individual and make him disabled for about 30 minutes. However it doesn’t cause any serious damage to the assailant. The homemade stun guns are regarded as an attacker friendly option.

A stun gun is a weapon which immobilizes the assailant. This becomes possible because of the stun gun’s high voltage generation. However, the amperage of the stun is quite low due to which no permanent injury is caused.

The stun gun dumps all its energy to the muscles at a high pulse rate. This makes the working of the muscle quite fast but however inefficient. This work cycle reduces blood sugar. The energy loss as a consequence makes it quite difficult to function and move.

Simultaneously, the neurological impulses which travel all over the body for directing the movement of muscle get interrupted. This causes balance loss and disorientation thus leaving the assailant in a confused and passive condition for few minutes. However, there is no effect on any organ, not even the heart. This is because high voltage is multiplied by low current which makes the charge less harmful.

A few second contacts will startle and repel the attacker and at the same time it will result in some muscle contraction and pain. However, the victim cannot get a shock by touching the assailant. The contact can even result in dazed mental condition and muscle spasms for the attacker. It can also cause disorientation, mental confusion, balance loss and loss of muscle control.

An advantage of this self defense product is that they come in varying shapes and forms making the guns to be the strongest most powerful stun guns. The new shaped stun guns are more discreet and are handy to carry. The different types of stun guns are stun gun flashlight, cell phone stun gun, stun pen, stun baton, raptor stun gun and many more.

The cheap stun guns are the best choice for personal security. Although there are so many advantages of using stun guns, there are also some disadvantages of using it. Firstly, the victim needs to get closer to the assailant for touching them with the weapon. If an attacker has large weapon, stun gun in that case is of no use. The same thing applies when the assailant is discreet enough to make an approach from side or back. However, it should still be noted that even in that case, the victim can arm themselves if the stun gun is accessible.

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