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  • Published October 2, 2009
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T-Series is well known name in the field of music in India. It has been associated with launch of new music sensation for many long years. Now it has started to venture into the field of multimedia products in India. T-Series is Delhi based company, Super Cassettes Industries. T-Series Flat TVs are some of the popular electronic products from this company in many areas of the country. The flat TVs offered by T-Series are very much affordable to even lower strata of society.

T-Series Flat TVs are developed with latest and affordable technology for those people who want to have excellent viewing experience at lower budget. Though there is not a large range of Flat TVs offered by T-Series but the even its small range of models have impressed its consumers.

Let us learn about the features of some models of T-Series flat TVs.

T-Series Flat CTV 14 Cinestar 14 is a nice model. This model is suitable for TV viewing in small rooms, shops and offices. It does not cover much space. Watch TV programs at its 36cm color Picture tube. Listen to the clear playback sounds with 100 W PMPO Sound Output. It is equipped with 255 programs. It is safe for eyes. Other features of this Flat TV model include Digi color Shade selection, picture enhancer, picture coring, black stretch, 12C digital bus Chasis, color template select, hyper band tuner, zoom. Other user friendly features of this TV are clock, timer onoff, sleep, copy, status, Auto Shut, EnglishHindi Osd, Auto shut. Yu can play video games also and use the calendar, message, telephone diary and auto surfing. You can have all these features at a price as low as INR 3490. Isn't it a cheap bargain

Another model is T-Series Flat CTV 21 Planus M 21. Like previous model, this model is also the choice of large number of users. Most of them are satisfied with the quality of the TV. This TV is equipped with 54 cm True Flat color Picture tubes which help deliver the excellent quality of the images and enhanced TV viewing experience. Instead of 100 W PMPO sound outputs as in previous mentioned models, it offers 160 W PMPO sound outputs. Other features include safe eye technology, 255 programs, hyper band tuner, Color template select and more.

You can search online if you want to have best deal for the T-Series Flat TVs. You can compare the prices with models of other brands and also read online reviews regarding this TV. It will help you make wiser decision and enjoy you TV viewing better.

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