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  • Published October 23, 2009
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Are you looking for vintage pocket watches? Are you in search for pocket watches that are manufactured by reliable watch manufacturers that will stand the test of time? If you are in search for vintage pocket watches, you have to look for the once produced by Howard.

Edward Howard is the producer of Howard Pocket Watches. While E. Howard Company has been in operation with several trade names, it remains to be an innovative watch manufacturer that you can trust.

Vintage watches produced by Howard Pocket Watch Company created innovative pocket watches.

Some features of Howard Pocket Watch include the following:

  • Quick-beat train

  • Top plate with 6 pillars

  • Compensated balance

The movements in a Howard pocket watch contain the letter N for quick recognition, this will help you avoid buying fakes.

Howard pocket watches also introduced the stem-wind movement, which was embraced by the pocket watch loving public then and even up to the present.

If you are looking for authentic Howard pocket watches, you have to check the movement with the letter N. On other models, you have to look for the Edward Howard signature in the movement and in the back of the watch as well.

Vintage grade E. Howard Pocket Watches are on sale in many auction centers and vintage watch dealers. However, to ensure that you can avoid fake and frankenwatches, you have to follow the buying tips below.

This tips come from expert vintage watch collectors. These tips will be mentioned herewith to make sure that you can find the Howard pocket watch you are looking for without being a victim of fraudsters.

Tips in finding authentic Howard Pocket Watches

  • Know that Howard Pocket watches are produced from the period 1857 to 1930. While there are different name changes for the company, you will always have to look for the letter N in the movement or the name Howard in the dials.

  • Check out the serial number for the Howard Pocket Watch. There is a website where you can check out the serial number of Howard Pocket Watches. You will need to check that out to ensure that you are buying a pocket watch with registered serial number.

  • The serial number has to be engraved and visible. There should be no scratches that will depict intent to scratch it out. Do not buy any vintage watch without serial number.

  • Read some vintage watch buying guides. There are many watch buying guidebooks published to help you avoid being a victim of rip offs. Take advantage of them.

  • Ask for a guarantee. If the dealer cannot provide a guarantee for your vintage watch purchase, then that should ring a bell that authenticity is an issue.

Finally, check out feedback on the seller, one negative feedback should be considered because you are buying a pricey item, do not be lax in checking the dealer out.

Buying a Howard Pocket Watch can be a challenge but the small inconvenience will ensure you will be able to enjoy a good buy and not waste your money on fakes.

Your Howard pocket watch can be an asset you can bring down to the next generations. However, this is only possible if you are able to buy a good quality vintage watch. This is the reason why you need to be careful in your purchase.

Author, Mia Jones, is a freelance writer who contributes articles for Vintage Watches at

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Gordon Ogilvie
Gordon Ogilvie · 9 years ago
Trying to find more about a Howard Railroad Watch from my Grandfather. Movement #1101448 and Case #304362. Can you point me in the right direction. Thanks Gord Ogivlie

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