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  • Author Tatyana Arie
  • Published December 2, 2009
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DO YOU feel that there is a lot of spark inside you that craves for an adventurous look in the outfit you don? Would you love some thrill element in your attire and above all in your personality? Well, then you can have a close look into the exciting and exclusive list of collection at the very famous hub for wholesale fashion jewelry known as Wholesale Fashion Square. The site is entirely dedicated to the cause of catering the very best of wholesale fashion jewelry as well as an exclusive range of apparel for women and, men also. Its latest inclusion in the exciting inventory is 1D- 27686 WATCH. It can give you a bit of the flavor of adventure as the gadget is designed to enhance the sporty look. 1D- 27686 WATCH is something that every woman of the present era would love to sport. The effect of the watch would enhance your popularity to an awesome level.

1D- 27686 WATCH comes in an alluring plastic body. One of the most prolific features of this particular wholesale fashion jewelry is the use of color combination. Based on the colors used, the watch is really created to rule people’s heart. It is quite small in size. That makes it more appropriate to fit with the wrists of women. You can mix match a sporty looking dress to go with this watch. Sports jackets, sports t- shirts, nice jeans, tops, trousers, colorful skirts and other colorful accessories like bands, rings, sunglasses etc would be a lethal combination.

The watch screen of 1D- 27686 WATCH is a bit big in size. The golden hands of the watch are quite an attractive aspect of the watch. This rare and scintillating, sporty watch comes at 5 different varieties. All these 5 watches are different and varying in color combination and style. However, the main structure of the watch remains the same.

As regards the price part, this wholesale jewelry is quite cheap. The unit price of the watch is only $8.00. In total the set of 5 watches costs only $40.00

Author's Bio- Hi, this is Tatyana A. I am a professional related with the world of wholesale fashion jewelry for quite some time. Having been associated with www.wholesalefashionsquare.com for a long time now, I am fascinated with the ever changing wholesale fashion jewelry trends, and have gathered an in depth knowledge about them. Out here I wish to share the knowledge with you all so that you get the best. For queries, please ping me at tatyana@ngamarketing.com.

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