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  • Author Tatyana Arie
  • Published December 3, 2009
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Wholesale Fashion Square, the famed wholesale fashion jewelry and wholesale apparel oriented site has rejuvenated their new collection of wholesale fashion jewelry. The new collection is brimming with a number of latest designs and trends. One of the most fascinating one that is receiving high acclaim also is 8B 3030J WATCH. This is a real piece of beauty. What would attract you most towards this glitzy artifact is the use of innovation. The décor or the style of this particular watch is simply mind blowing. 8B- 3030J WATCH deserves its rightful place in your closet. Its beauty and grace would compel people to be drawn to you. This sparkling artifact is accented with a brilliant combination of sophisticated texture, tone and style. This is indeed an elegant time piece that sort of creates an enigmatic personality in you.

8B- 3030J WATCH is all about good looks. The watch dial is quite big as well as attractive. The color of the dial is black and it is a nice contrast with the color of the steel bracelet. This particular color combination sort of creates a symmetry. This dazzling piece of beauty is attached with a pure stainless steel bracelet that wraps up your wrist in the most loving way.

8B- 3030J WATCH in fact comes in a series of 5 watches. There is a variation in each of these watches. The main body and the stainless steel bracelets remain the same. What gets changed in this particular wholesale fashion jewelry is the color of the watch dial. It has got 5 different color combinations in 5 different sets.

This kind of a wholesale fashion jewelry is actually meant to be worn with any kind of apparel. However, the collection of wholesale apparel at Wholesale Fashion Square is just good enough to go with it. You can try the jackets, sweaters or the long dresses. It fits with any kind of apparel.

The price part of this particular watch is quite encouraging. The unit price of this wholesale fashion jewelry product is only $8.00. In total you have to pay $40.00

Author's Bio- Hi, this is Tatyana A. I am a professional related with the world of wholesale fashion jewelry for quite some time. Having been associated with www.wholesalefashionsquare.com for a long time now, I am fascinated with the ever changing wholesale fashion jewelry trends, and have gathered an in depth knowledge about them. Out here I wish to share the knowledge with you all so that you get the best. For queries, please ping me at tatyana@ngamarketing.com.

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