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  • Published December 6, 2009
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Baby monitors could either be a gorgeous sidekick or a piece of useless electronics for parents. Although these devices are nothing more than transmitters and receivers, there are some important factors to think about if parents want to maximally take advantage of these devices. For those who don't want to buy garbage, please consider the following aspects.

Basic Types of Baby Monitors

No matter how diversified baby monitors are on the market, they generally belong to the following types.

Audio Baby Monitors

These are traditional types of

security equipment. They are also the cheapest and simplest. Audio baby monitors allow parents to get information of their babies' condition only by hearing. Some current models are made with additional features, like light remote control, mutual communication and temperature detection.

Video Baby Monitors

They are the most popular types of baby monitors today. With these devices, parents could not only hear their babies, but also watch their babies. These gadgets usually consist of cameras, screens, built-in rechargeable batteries, etc. Many of this kind are made with practical additional functions, for example, NEW Wireless Baby Monitor/PVR and Receiver - auto-exchangeable in 4 Channels from wholesale electronics company Actfind could output the video into TV or monitor.

Internet Baby Monitors

Anywhere parents could access to internet, these baby monitors will let them easily get to know their babies' status through sound and pictures they receive.

Breathing Baby Monitors

This kind of monitors is designed for parents who worry that their babies might be troubled by certain disturbance like sleep apnea during their sleeping time.

Factors to Consider for Your Purchase


This factor decides how far you can leave from the place where your baby is. Most of present models are 100 meter range while some low-end only allow you to be no more than 60 meter away.

Power Sources

Baby monitors are operated either on battery or mains or both. Battery-operated types offer great portability, but you might need to prepare extra batteries. Mains never run out of power, however, these kinds confine parents' movement. Monitors with both battery operation and mains operation are the best as they blend the mentioned two's merits and discard their defects.

Multiple Channels

This feature lets you locate a channel with the least amount of interference.

Sound Activated Lights

Sometimes what you are doing like watching TV and vacuum cleaning might be too noisy to hear your baby cries. This feature help you notice.

Extra Receivers

Extra receivers allow both parents to join in the monitoring. Parents could put two receivers in different places - very flexible.

Baby care becomes easy with baby monitors. Comparing to old times, parents have more flexibility and time to get their own things done while making sure everything with their babies are OK. Advanced technology makes electronics supplier offer these practical gadgets at much more affordable prices, especially when you buy from China wholesale dropshipper.

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