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  • Author Chloe Wilson
  • Published December 9, 2009
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The Rubik 360 is the new spherical puzzle from the makers of the Rubik’s cube. This world renowned toy has been developed from a solid cube into a see-through sphere. It is expected to be a top seller this Christmas. If you are considering buying it, this article will cover what the game is, including its pros and cons, and give a little bit of information on the other bestselling Rubik’s puzzles currently available.

The Rubik’s 360 consists of three clear spheres, each one inside the next, and within the centre sphere are six coloured balls. The idea of the puzzle is to guide these six balls from the inner sphere to the outer sphere through two of the three holes they meet along the way. The idea is simple to understand but carrying it out is not. This innovative and difficult game will have you spinning and twisting and turning it ever which way. The problems arise when you find out that the two inner spheres spin on different axes and that the holes you are supposed to guide the balls through are always on the opposite sides to the balls due to gravity. Gravity really is your enemy in this game and it will take a lot of practice handling the sphere to work out how to balance it ever so carefully as to succeed.

This game is suitable for people of all ages and abilities although the recommended age is 8 years and above. It is no longer about logic as the original cube was, but more about physics and developing your handling skills. It will still be a great challenge for those who mastered the cube as it is completely different. It needs no batteries so you can take it anywhere and it will never stop frustrating you. The only downside is that once you have learned the knack to completing it, it will never be much of a challenge again. This is unlike the Cube where you could reset the coloured square mayhem and give yourself another headache!

As well as the 360, the Rubik’s Cube is still a bestseller. It is one of the best known multi-dimensional puzzles with its faces made of up of 3x3 coloured squares. You have to twist and turn the puzzle until each side is made up of its solid colour. The toy is now sold with a 7 step solution guide so you should never get hopelessly lost. There are also about 40,000 videos on YouTube to help you if the guide does not cut the mustard.

If you are a Rubik’s cube master, you may want to progress to the 4x4 Revenge cube. The idea is the same but the solution is a lot more tricky. You need new techniques to get around the centre square issue. There is no longer a fixed centre square as there is in the smaller cube, so you need to create your own.

Hopefully this has given you some background on the main Rubik’s puzzles out there. They are all bound to offer hours of frustrating fun for the player.

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