Some Tips To Learn Stage Hypnosis


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  • Published March 15, 2010
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Some Tips To Learn Stage Hypnosis

If you've ever went a stage hypnosis show, you may perhaps have been most impressed by the seemingly magical actions displayed by the stage hypnotist. Maybe you thought that you too would want to learn stage hypnosis, and how to learn it.

In this article I will be touching on the key ideology in stage hypnosis and how it works. This ought to give you an understanding of the techniques involved, and help you in your desire to learn stage hypnosis.

To open with, a stage hypnotist will use some type of induction with the audience prior to getting to the real "meat" of the show (of course is getting volunteers on the stage to get hypnotized). This induction mostly consists of getting all the audience imagine that they're in some tropical place, or having them hold up both of their arms and imagining that one of them is lighter or heavier than the other one.

What this does is it relaxes the audience and puts them in the right frame of mind to become hypnotized. You see, when somebody has been hypnotized before, they will certainly be rehypnotized again by the same person with just a snap of a finger. The best part of stage hypnosis is to hypnotize the entire audience before people are picked to go up on stage. Because the volunteers would have been hypnotized at the initiation of the show whilst they were in the audience, they will clearly fall into hypnosis again when they take place up to the stage.

This is a vital step that you ought to be aware of if you desire to learn stage hypnosis. As a rule people are not aware that while the hypnotist is leading them into hypnosis, and explaining to them what hypnosis is, that they are actually turning into great volunteers. If the hypnotist just asked anyone from the street to take place up to the stage, then odds are the hypnotist wouldn't be able to hypnotize people with barely a snap of their fingers.

Now after an audience member comes to the stage, they will already hold confidence in the hypnotist, especially since they experienced hypnosis once already, and are aware of what it's like. This builds up expectation in the person that hypnosis will work. All the hypnotist must then do is simply snap their fingers, and the volunteers will fall into a trance state. After a audience member is in this state of trance, they turn out to be susceptible to any suggestions the hypnotist wants to implant in their head.

One of the most general suggestions is of course to make a volunteer believe that they are a chicken, but if you intend to learn stage hypnosis, it's always agreeable to ad-lib and try something out of the ordinary.

Currently there is of course a bunch more to stage hypnosis then what this article has highlighted, and there is no way I could possibly explain it all in this article only. Therefore if you intend to learn stage hypnosis, then I would suggest looking for a expert online lessons that will teach you the techniques necessary.

Joe has been involved with many forms of hypnosis and has a site full of hypnosis information, with new stuff added all the time.

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