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  • Author Ram Sagar
  • Published April 2, 2010
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There are many stories that seem to be quite large in the world of politics. We do not have to be in an election year, to have politics be the biggest stories in the news circuit. So, it is no surprise that the biggest story in politics right now surrounds the President of the United States of America, President Barack Obama. With the current state of the economy, whether or not this were to make the news or not, many find themselves working hard to follow the United States politics. In addition, with the current state of our international safety, we are certainly very inclined to follow these type of stories. Having said that, one of the biggest stories in the news right now relates to President Obama's approach to the war on terror.

  1. Just like any other story in the world of politics, as much as President Obama's approach to the war on terror is of influence to the nature of the news story, it is also just as newsworthy what the people have to say. After all, they contribute to dictating what the approaches should be in any given political issue. After President Obama's recent address to the nation after the attempted terrorist attack on Christmas Day, and the recent terrorist threats that have been circulating, many seem to be quite confident in President Obama handling the war on terror.

  2. One of the biggest elements to this politics news story was the fact that President Obama had officially stated that we were at war. Many times, the politics circuits have not quoted President Obama's administration as using the word "war." Nevertheless, this time around, that was the case. Since the politics circuits have conducted a live broadcast of the President's speech, new poll numbers have been release. The polls state that there are many more people that are confident in the way that President Obama will protect us from terrorism than there are that are not confident.

  3. In regards to this politics story, there is also talks about the recent polls that have been released in terms of being scanned at the airport. Many people are quite surprised as to how the people decided to vote in this matter. First of all, the question at hand is whether or not Americans thought that full body scanners should be used in U.S. Airports. More than 70% felt that they should be used. This is predicted to be because many people do not feel as though mechanical full body scanners are going to present much of a health risk, and they find full body scanners to be more effective. Seems as though protection is more important than the threat of lack of privacy in today's society.

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