Secrets to Boosting Intelligence


  • Author Karen Prime
  • Published April 2, 2010
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Who wouldn’t want to learn about boosting intelligence for the brain? Each one of us possesses some talents and needs that we want to be further explored, and even sometimes, exploited. We always yearn to do more and to be more. It’s never enough. For many of us who are living very busy lives, we oftentimes wonder if we can NOT sleep just so we can do the multitudes of tasks we set out to accomplish every day. However, sleep is a part of our body's recuperation and rejuvenation process which in turn helps in boosting intelligence. Without rest, how can we expect to work at optimum level?

There are other things we need to learn about our brain and about boosting intelligence. Here are some of them:

  1. Did you know that our brain possesses a limitless potential for learning and for acquiring new knowledge? Every second, our brain cells absorb new data and information which goes on until the day we die. Whenever we gain new knowledge, develop new ideas or do something new, our brain creates new neurons and cells that connect together. This way, boosting intelligence is underway.

  2. Did you know that boosting intelligence is not only focused in our brain. Our intelligence is scattered all around our body. Therefore, boosting intelligence can b easier to attain. This is why we have multiple intelligences: spatial/visual, physical/kinesthetic, musical/auditory, inter/intrapersonal.

  3. Did you know that we actually have two brains? The one encased in our skull is not the only brain we’ve got. There is actually another one which serves a greater purpose and this is the one in your gut. Many self-help books of today (like Jack Canfield’s Success Principles for instance) recommend that it is crucial to one’s happiness and well-being to listen to one’s gut feel because it actually tells a lot about the choices we are making. So if you’re an serious person which is boosting his intelligence in every way possible, then listen well to your gut and let your intuition guide you in your decision-making. This second brain in our gut are being connected by the Vagus nerve which help carry information between the two brains.

There are more information available about our brain and how to go about boosting intelligence. But for now, let’s stick with what we have. More to come in my next post.

Karen Prime is a work from home mom who discovered simple ways on how to increase her brain power. See how Karen Prime learned to improve thinking skills and became a member of Mensa by checking her blog

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