Conversational hypnosis: Is it addictive and dangerous?


  • Author Jack Smith
  • Published May 23, 2010
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Hypnotism could be one of the most interesting words to hear. One of the most popular way of hypnotizing people is by means of conversational hypnosis. The fact that it can really hypnotized other people, more and more people are getting fascinated to conversational hypnosis. Having such ability could have everything he or she wants in life. It is like controlling one’s mind that is favorable to one’s selfish ideas.

Traditionally, the concept of hypnotism was used as a therapeutic method to treat any kind of physical pain, emotional distress and psychological problems. It was then popularized by Milton H. Erickson who was the first to practice the method of hypnotherapy and founder of the American Center for Hypnotherapy. He is also one of the main contributors in the field of hypnosis and how it has been used in NLP or the neuro-linguistic programming. It proves the conversational hypnotism truly hypnotize anybody by inducing trance through simple conversation.

Conversational hypnosis became more popular when Igor Ledochowski, introduced a more different and more interesting way of doing hypnotism. He created "The Deep Trance Training Manual" that has the easy step by step procedures on how to do the conversational hypnosis. It also has the detailed tips and techniques on how to become an effective hypnotist.

As the word hypnotism describes, many are encouraged and willing to undergo some series of trainings just to become an effective conversational hypnotist. Actually nowadays there are a lot of programs and trainings that are available online, that offer complete courses on teaching hypnotism.

Seriously, hypnotism is not that really bad for those who truly understand what it is all about. The problem only exist when this ability falls into the hand of those that are really selfish and wanted to manipulate people’s mind to get what they want. Conversational hypnosis should be treated as a talent that has many benefits, and not a curse that can affect others’ lives. To learn more, visit conversational hypnosis programs and be enlightened.

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