5 Time Management Strategies for Busy Bloggers

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  • Author Tj Philpott
  • Published May 28, 2010
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Business blogs require the establishment of certain time management strategies in order to be effectively managed on a day to day basis. Most bloggers are passionate about what they do but the tasks involved still put to test their time management skills. Being that most blogs are managed by just one person it is critical to learn to make use of time in the most efficient way possible. Being there is certain common 'time killers' in our daily routines it is best to identify and remove them from our schedules.

Here are 5 time management tips that any busy site owner can use to make better use of their efforts invested in managing their business blogs.

Avoid Checking Email

This is the easiest 'trap' for anyone working online to fall into. Email tends to be a bottomless hole of useless information that is VERY effective at burning time and LOTS of it. If you must check your email assign a particular and limited amount of time in which to do so.

The best time to do this would be when you are not at your productive best since viewing email requires little focus or energy.

Limit Time

Call upon the use of your time management skills when performing various tasks and do not allow yourself to casually complete them. Treat each and every task with a certain sense of urgency since business blogs are for earning an income. Your blog is not for your own casual entertainment so treat it and your time in a serious manner and your bank account will thank you for it.

Work in Time Sets

To help you maintain your focus and energy level break up your day by working on only a small number of related tasks at a time. Upon their completion take yourself a quick break to stay 'fresh' and be at your best for your next series of work assignments. This also helps make the work day seem shorter.

Forget Email Auto-Notifications

There is no need for you to be 'automatically' notified every time your get a new friend or follower on facebook or twitter. This is nothing more than additional e-junk-mail you have to contend with and another distraction is NOT what you need.

Time Your Work

Give yourself a preset amount of time to work on something than move on to another assignment. This will force you to focus more and learn to be more efficient with your use of time. You can also 'compete' against yourself by trying to get more done in the time allowed.

Successful business blogs require the completion of a myriad of tasks that can only be done through the use of certain time management strategies. Blog owners need to learn how to make use of time more efficiently in order to perform all the necessary duties their site requires. The 5 time management tips suggested above help to rid any blogger of those meaningless activities that infiltrate their work schedule. By re-introducing these time management skills back into you day it can now be spent on more productive activities.

TJ Philpott is an author and Internet entrepreneur based out of North Carolina.

To learn more about the use of time management strategies as it relates to your productivity and to also receive a free instructional manual that teaches valuable niche research techniques simply visit:http://blogbrawn.com/

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