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  • Published June 27, 2010
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Win Antivirus Vista/XP is the name of a rouge antivirus program. It is among the malicious programs that enter the system without the knowledge of user. This fraudulent malware, even the name suggests, is actually in no way affiliated with Microsoft. You need to be careful enough while downloading the program from the Internet. According to tech support experts, it becomes quite difficult to remove such programming threats from the system once they have entered. So, it is rather essential to keep your PC protected from this type of vulnerabilities.

Win Antivirus Vista/XP pretends to be an authentic antivirus program. But in reality it is just a hoax made to harm your computer settings and steal your sensitive data. So, never go with the name. In most cases people think it has been designed by Microsoft in order to give Windows XP support or specialized support for Vista, which is not true. As been reported by tech support experts, if you come in contact with Win Antivirus Vista/XP, you should immediately move out of the site. So, how do they get in and what is the mode of attack? Phony computer scans and falsified system warning messages are the most common problems faced by the system users once they get infected. Trojan vectors are the major carriers of such malware and silently push them into the host system.

These are basically the same software program as ASC-Antispyware. When you visit a misleading or scammed website, the programs get installed to your system without your knowledge. The software will show false system scanning followed by a fake list of security threats. They insist users to buy the registered version of Win Antivirus Vista/XP in order to remove the threats. Sometimes, legitimate system files are pointed as malicious. Computer repair specialists always warn users not to follow the report. If you remove the reported programs not knowing their functional status, your system may crash.

Now, when you go to purchase the program, you are most likely wasting your money putting your bank account details into vulnerable exposure. Win Antivirus Vista/XP does nothing beneficial. It neither removes any existing threats nor protects your PC from malware attack. Instead, it makes room for other malware to perform the evil. However, online technical support services are given to save your system from such threats. They provide effective antimalware application that scans your system and quarantine or delete detected threats according to user approval.

The advanced multi-core antivirus programs are designed to offer high level of security to the personal computers. They efficiently bock scammed websites, prevent your system from vulnerable exposure and protect your sensitive data in turn. You can download the free version from the Internet. But, it is rather advisable to go for a remote tech support or specialized computer repair assistance to select the best program for your website. You should never try a manual removal on your own because that is complicated and inefficient. So, talk to a computer support professional and get your virus issue resolved completely.

Online tech support experts work on virus removal issues and suggest efficient ways to keep systems protected from such threats. Talk to the service providers if you need a specialized Windows XP support for your PC. For more information please visit-

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