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Article directory submission is submitting your articles to the article directories. There are many article directories that accepts free article submission. Some article directories charges the author a fee to publish their articles on the directories. It is recommended that you don’t use these directories unless the directories is receiving a large amount of traffic. Since there are hundreds of free article submission, you don’t have to purchase the paid subscription.

The majority of the article directories allow you to include up to four links in the article. Two of the links can be active or inactive links to another website. You can include up to two active links that point to your website. To determine the number of links you can include in the directory, you should reference the guidelines for the authors that are published on the site. The links should be included in the resource box.

You should not include the links in the article content. All links should be in the resource box. The resource box is the place where you publish information about the author. You can also use the resource box to promote your product straightforwardly. The body of the article cannot be used to promote a product or servise straightforwardly. If you use promotional message in the article body, the editor will reject your article and ask you to make the necessary changes.

If you insert the links in the article body, the editor will delete your article. Before submitting the article, you should check the link to ensure that it is working properly. If you accidentally submit an invalid link, you can click on the edit icon in the article management page and replace it with the right link. The format of a valid URL is or If you include the URL as, it will not be clickable by the visitor unless the directory has a system that automatically converts it to a valid URL. If you enter an invalid URL, the editor will not format the URL for you. If you forget to include a link to your website, the editor will not inform you about it. If you find out you did not include a link in the article, you can still go back and include a link after it is published. You must login to your article directory account and perform the necessary changes. If the article directory account does not have a functionality to modify the article, you can send an email to the editors so that they can help you.

It is a tedious task to submit to the article directories. The article directory submission requires a lot of time and patience to complete it. If you hire a SEO company, you will be asked to provide two links and anchor text. The SEO company will include the links along with the anchor text in the resource box. Most SEO companies use their article directory accounts to submit the articles. They will not specially create an account for you.

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