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  • Published August 2, 2010
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Before you embark on the process to repair Windows XP, you should see what is wrong with the system. Is there a particular program that is giving problems? Or, is the computer freezing over? Sometimes, there is a power surge or a hardware failure, which causes a Windows XP problem. This article will help you repair XP Windows that is unable to boot into the Safe Mode. You can try to boot your computer into Safe Mode, and remove the software you have just installed. You can also try to boot it into Safe Mode and then run a virus scan. If you can’t still fix the problem here is what you can do.

1.Make a back up for your files and irreplaceable programs because you have to repair Windows XP to where it was, before the problems began.

2.Boot your PC with the Windows XP disk in your drive.

3.The version of your Windows XP CD must match the one you are repairing.

4.You need a valid Windows XP license key. It is usually on the bottom of a laptop, or on the side of your PC.

5.Boot from your Windows XP disk and three options will be presented to you.

Press Enter to setup Windows XP now

Press R to repair Windows XP using the Recovery Console

Press F3 to exit setup without installing Windows XP

6.If you want to install a fresh copy of Windows, press the Enter key. It will allow the CD to run the setup program.

7.Next, you will be asked to press F8 to accept the license. Then the Windows setup program will look for previous installation. It will detect your existing installation and will give you the option to install a new one or repair XP Windows.

8.If you want win XP repair, press R and the process will start.

9.Setup program will continue, and the previous applications, data and settings would stay in their place.

10.You may now boot your computer into Safe Mode.

11.Run updates to ensure you have installed the important window updates.

Some More Tools To Boost Performance of Windows XP

There are various tools available that can help you boost the performance of Windows XP and maintain an error-free computer for a long time:

Use Add or Remove Program tool in the OS to get rid of software programs, which are no longer required.

Use an effective antivirus tool to scan and remove malware from your pc.

It is important to keep your registry clean, compact, and fast. You can use a reliable registry cleaning software to achieve this.

Get rid of unwanted files on your hard disk by using Disk Clean and Disk Defragmenter. .

If you still face problems with your pc, you can contact a remote pc repair company ad seek help of an expert technician to repair XP Windows.

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