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The quotation "Guys are from When-ever and women are from Where-ever" is just a confirmed reality any time going to nightclubs and bars worldwide. Be it a major, emotional or social trend, in regards to meeting a special person in the club, or perhaps on the dance floor, males and females simply speak different languages.

When a guy is trying to pick up a girl, he will get all of these mixed reactions.

Even if the man only wants to dance with a girl, she will mess him around at least 75% of the time.

So let me (being a woman), explain a few things to simplify it for you guys.

When a girl/woman comes into a bar with a group of (4 or more) other women, it usually means it is girls night out. No matter what she is wearing? She may have on jeans and a t-shirt with no-dancing type of shoes, or they may all be dressed in sexy short skirts, and low cut tanks with stilettos.

Does not matter - all you may get is, a lot less money in your pocket (if you buy them all drinks), or possibly a dance or two from some of them.

They came together and they will leave together.

Now on the other hand, if the woman comes in with one or two friends. And, they sit close to the dance floor, are wearing short skirts or tight jeans, sexy tops with stilettos.

You can bet they came to see who all was there and if there was a guy there tonight that, they wanted to meet.

Either way, do not make the mistake of walking up to one and saying things like ‘Hello Beautiful‘, ’Where have you been all my life?’ ’You are the prettiest woman here tonight’, ‘Can I buy you a drink? ‘The list goes on and on.

Of course, you can buy her a drink, you can spend your money all night long. You still will leave without her real telephone number, and without her! Women have heard all of this from the day they were born!

Instead, see if you can get her on the dance floor, of even to shoot a game of pool with you. She needs to see you (or what you want her to think you are) before you waste any money or time on her.

NEVER ask for a dance with the best-looking girl at the club first.

That is what she expects, guaranteed!

Ask the one sitting next to the one you want, that will make the one you would like to meet, want to meet you… Do not know why, just the way we are made…

We generally want what we think we cannot have…

Once you have made friends (on the dance floor) with ‘the friend of the girl you want to meet’ walk her back to the table, grab a chair from the table beside their table, pull that chair over between the two girls and proceed to sit down! DO NOT ASK, JUST DO IT! It is possible one of the girls will make an objection, but highly doubtful!

Congratulations you have completed step one.

Gradually start to talk to everyone at the table, but never forget to talk to the one who gave you the chance to sit with them in the first place.

After finishing your drink with the ladies, you can begin to move around the table (not physically) just hold your hand out for a different girl to dance with. Do not bother to ask them, simply hold out your hand.

Two or three dances later, offer to buy the next round of drinks (not every round of drinks) after all you are just a friend.

Now on to step two.

You now have earned the opportunity to ask the girl you first were attracted to for a dance. And, she won’t refuse to dance with you, you have ignored her for at least ½ an hour. We do not like being ignored - she has been watching you and has seen you are both interesting and are available…

In addition, you are a challenge. WE DO LIKE A CHALLENGE!

Step three.

Begin to concentrate more on the girl you like. Again though, continue to pay attention to the woman who brought you to the table (figure of speech).

The next time you are on the dance floor with your chosen lady, ask her if you can take her for coffee later, or for her phone number (you might even offer her your phone number). Most of the time she will do one of the three.

All of the above will work better if you are also with a friend, if that is the case do not make it obvious.

Go through the first part of step one by yourself, then have your friend walk past the table. In a nonchalant way, say something like ’Hey Sam, I did not know you were going to be here tonight, come here and meet my new friends!’ Introduce him to the girls, say grab a chair, and join us. Turn and look around the table saying ’If that’s OK with you girls?’ It will be!

But, If one should object, say 'it's OK ladies, he is a friend of mine'. He's sitting by now!

Chances of you getting the girl you want just increased. Better ODDS!

When you just walk up to a girl with the normal approach, you can expect the results you have been getting.

Guy says: What seems to be one of the most complicated issues for any male is the fact that they base almost every thing on the girl’s physical appearance.

Girl: The answer to that is if she is walking around, she is absolutely there to meet someone.

Guy says: If she is dressed in, a pair of jeans and flat healed shoes is she not serious about meeting a man. Or maybe she wants to meet someone, but she wants a man to assess her by her intelligence instead of her appearances?

Girl: The answer then is still, if she is walking and not sitting down with a drink in her hand, she is definitely there to meet someone.

You may get the opportunity to find out later if she is smart or dumb as a frog.

Guy makes the statement: 'Ladies the next time a guy that you are not interested in comes up to you at a bar or nightclub, will you try on some level to understand why he may have misunderstood your signals‘.

Girl says: 'We know what you want and there is NO Misunderstanding on Our Part'.

Try these methods of meeting the woman of your dreams the next time you are in a nightclub or bar - You will have a much better chance!

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