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  • Published September 5, 2010
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In this age of technology and the convergence of communications networks can not help themselves to technologies and innovations, which are computers, mobile phones and the world wide web. But as we go into our daily lives with these technologies and what not, there are times when we feel really paranoid for our own security.

That our physical integrity or personal safety of our hardware and software. What does all this cyber-security? In fact, it saved your personal data and digital assets to protect your computer or digital storage medium.

The first thing you must understand the nature of the threats that may arise in cyberspace. There are different types of threats, and each has its own degree of seriousness that requires their own levels of solutions. The greater the threat, or progress more difficult approach for implementing security measures to prevent such damage, to protect.

Malicious code only under a different name as malware and spyware, virus that can erase a serious anything on your computer that hackers access and use of your personal data for their own benefit, what the risks are addressed.

Often these malicious programs or malware are your passport to a particular website access, or even if you open an e-mail.

These codes exploit the weaknesses of the various applications and are in the computer system, which they reproduce and infect other computers, send the e-mails or join via your local network can be entered. These malicious codes are not simple. They pretend to do something, but who will go for a completely different way to infect your system. These malicious codes are not limited to malware and spyware, but are deadly against viruses and worms and cause more damage.

Despite the malicious code is very dangerous, is another dangerous intruder or hacker attack. No matter how you do viruses and worms, which look like the original developer intended to do. But hackers are people and may use the information you want and use it for your own benefit. Sometimes hackers try their skills and awareness not to enter a system, because you want your personal information for purposes, but because they just curious or just have something terrible.

This kind of things you should avoid, so we need to know about cyber security and how to manage the various threats. You need to know how computers are vulnerable. You must Loon on your firewall and antivirus software for yourself if your current settings of attack.

For this reason, it is important to constantly update the software and creating new threats every day and have a system update, you can avoid being attacked. Another preventive measure is to create passwords. Passwords serve as a deterrent and keeps the whole system protected.

installed with adequate protection, you can share your files and information. It is very important that you have in mind cyber security. Computer security is a question of your information safe from those who wish to access. It is an important aspect of our lives and should never be considered particularly in the era of modern computers.

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