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  • Published September 11, 2010
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At present, Internet has become an inevitable medium for conducting various types of businesses through e-commerce and financial websites. It has increased the use of various web data mining techniques and tools such that it could be easy for extraction of data from web pages.

Web data mining includes different process for summarizing and collecting various types of data from online web pages or websites for analysis purpose. Using web data mining, it could be very easy to find out potential competitors by analyzing the market data of components and thereby improving our product sales through promotion and marketing. Web data mining can be of different types such as usage mining, content mining and structure mining. Content mining can be used to get data form website like audio, video, text and images. The usage mining is focused on getting reports from web servers about user access on particular website. It can help the business owner to improve the design and structure of their website to increase the usage. Structure data mining is focused on finding the resemblance between different websites.

By using web data mining with the help of techniques and tools, business owners could easily predict the potential growth of a particular product in selective market. Web data mining is the major technique for customer survey and analysis regarding particular product in market by gather data from web pages. With web data mining, you can predict the future of your business and make necessary changes.

Web scraping will make use of different method for extracting contents from web pages and can save the amount of effort and time taken to acquire bulk data from websites. Web scraping system can help you get fast and accurate results easily which is impossible to obtain manually. You can use web data mining technique for gather product pricing data, capture of real estate information, financial data and market trends from financial websites, duplicating online databases, job posting, auction details etc.

Web Scraping is the use of automated scripts or software applications to extract data from target websites and helps in conversion of data in unstructured format to structured format. The web scraping applications or scripts will simulate the process individuals viewing the website using a browser. By using web scraping technique, you can easily gather the data from web pages similar to how a browser request for information from web pages. The web server will respond to your requests and you can extract website contents and store them in various formats like word, excel, access, sql database or any other format as you like.

Web scrapping tools can reduce the time taken to extract information from websites drastically. There are power web data mining tools which are based on W3C DOM (Document object model). Such tools allow users to develop accurate crawling rules to extract website content. The web data mining tools have graphical interface which is user friendly and does not require any programming. These web scraping tools have enhanced extraction rules and HTML tag filtering that makes it easy to ignore HTML tags and extracts web contents. Web scraping tools are very powerful, fast and flexible. They have support for regular expression, multi-page and multi-URL modes of extraction. Web scraping tools could be used for creating RSS feeds from web source and they can be used for exporting results to XML format.

Web scraping tools can be used to extract URL, text and HTML source code. Web scraping tools come as both standalone windows application and also portable format and could be executed without installing them in a machine.

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