How Can I Easily Remove Antivir Solution Pro?

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  • Published September 12, 2010
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There have been lots of viruses that are being passed around the internet in the guise of being antivirus programs. Antivir Solution Pro is one of them. You have to be mindful of the activities on your PC because, once installed, to remove Antivir Solution is difficult and needs considerable time. In fact, as a real virus you need to uninstall Antivir Solution Pro so you can be done with it immediately.

You have probably noticed that the performance of your PC and internet connection is getting slow. That is the effect of the presence of Antivir Solution Pro in your system. The purpose of its developers is to make money out of the sensitive data that it gets from your PC. It takes up your memory’s space and uses your web bandwidth. It is meant to hang around for long; so you need to find sure ways to delete Antivir Solution Pro.

In order that you do not have to pressure yourself on how to get rid of Antivir Solution Pro, it is better to stay away from it at the onset. You can do this by observing these tips:

  • Do not simply add anyone on your Facebook, MySpace and other social media networks. Add only real people.

  • Stay away from LimeWire, uTorrent and other P2P. They give other members access to your system. You are not certain if these people’s PCs are protected.

  • Do not download programs without reliable endorsements. Shareware and freeware are unsafe to use.

Pop-ups will soon appear on your screen warning you of a threat to your PC. These messages will give you a link to download an antivirus. Now that you know it is a scam, ignore these instructions.

To do a manual Antivir Solution Pro removal, skilled users perform these steps:

  • .EXE and .BAT processes have an association with the virus; they got to be deleted

  • Delete .LNK and .DLL files too

  • From the folders HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE and HKEY_CURRENT_USER, traces of the virus should be removed via a "reg hack".

A simpler and safer way to remove Antivir Solution Pro is with the use of a removal tool. It has a way of performing a complete PC scan, removing all viruses and leaving it protected against future attacks. Even the experienced PC users trust it.

Tired of viruses infecting your computer? Want to surf the web with the peace of mind that your computer is safe and secure? Get your free scan from the top virus protection and remove Antivir Solution Pro.

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