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  • Author Mindy Matter
  • Published September 23, 2010
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Several individuals choose to install the SpyAgent Keylogger on their computer system in order to monitor what actually takes places when they are not looking. This is a proactive task they can perform in order to create a safe environment for their friends, employees, or family. The SpyAgent Keylogger allows users to perform important tasks in order to enhance their computer system. The program is run in Stealth mode, meaning no one knows the program is actually running while they are on the computer.

The SpyAgent Keylogger is an award winning computer monitoring software that gives the operator of the computer the ability to log all keystrokes typed, windows viewed, applications ran, websites visited, passwords entered, printed documents, chat conversations, and more. SpyAgent provides a type of software that has unmatched monitoring capabilities. The advanced features are easy to use and provide the ultimate all in one monitoring program.

Some monitoring advantages SpyAgent Keylogger is capable of are monitoring keystrokes, capturing screenshots at set times, logging activities and events. This program also monitors sent and received emails, and website activities. SpyAgent Keylogger also has advanced features that block out the use of some websites and applications, as well as filters chat programs; controlling what can and cannot be sent while the program is running.

SpyAgent Keyloggers record any and all activities performed on a computer system where it is installed. Due to this key point, the SpyAgent Keylogger can be beneficial for many individuals in a variety of ways. Parents may choose to install the key logger on their computer to monitor their children’s usage. This can be a very simple way for parents to make sure their children are not giving out personal information that could cause them danger.

Companies may also find adding key loggers to a computer to be beneficial for monitoring their systems throughout a building to make sure no illegal or abusive behavior is being performed. They can also use the SpyAgent Keylogger to block websites and programs from being visited or ran while employees are working.

If someone downloads a keylogger to your computer, it is virtually unnoticeable. This program is most commonly used in cases which involve identity theft. From an intruders stand, the keylogger allows them to monitor a computer system to obtain personal information about another individual or company, social security numbers, credit card numbers, bank account information, and more. Some people find that having a keylogger on their computer against their will has caused them to lose all trust in the computer system. They find it necessarily to run a virus protector in order to eliminate further use of the keylogger. .

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