Techniques to Clear away Spyware That does not Want To Depart Your Computer

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  • Author Jim Moser
  • Published October 12, 2010
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There are times that you get some spyware on your system that just won't let up. It seems as if nothing that you do is actually getting it off your system making it hard to use your computer safely as you are worried about what it's looking at on your system. There are some techniques that you can use that will help you get rid of spyware that is difficult to take off the system.

The first is that you need to use a spyware scanner that will do a system scan while the computer boots up in safe mode. In safe mode, at times the spyware can't turn on or be activated which sometimes makes it hard to get off the system. If you can do the scan in safe mode, at times it's easy to remove the problem.

Other times you can simply end the process that the spyware is running under in the task manager. If you end the process, you can then remove it. Sometimes spyware is designed so that it can only be removed if it's disabled. This is one trick that lets you do that easily.

Clean your registry. Sometimes spyware will embed itself deep into your computer's registry causing problems. If clean up the registry with a cleaner tool, it can get rid of this problem for you better.

Do a search on the internet for the specific piece of spyware that is giving you trouble. Generally there is someone in a blog or forum who has a creative step by step solution to fixing the problem.

One option is to back up all your files on your machine and consider going back to a previous save point on your machine. There is a chance that the previous restore point doesn't have the spyware meaning you can avoid having it at all anymore by going back.

Sometimes spyware is hard to remove from your system. Learn a few strategies to removing the tough spyware that won't go away.

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