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  • Published October 21, 2010
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Is computer locks the only tactic to keep laptops or computers secured? While having CCTV cameras is indeed a good idea to keep your work place vandals proof, it isn’t the ideal solution considering the cost factor; expensive installation as well as recurring expenditure. Additionally, a CCTV installation disturbs the regular freedom within an office milieu.

Then, your best way of securing your iMac computers is to never let your sight, off the system or carrying it in a sling all the time, but that is ridiculously not possible. Keeping the machine password-protected can ward off unwanted personnel to use the machine, but a thief or vandal will not want to use the system, they would just like to lift it and go off the place. Under these circumstances, keeping it secured with computer locks makes sense.

While we understand that a computer lock is critical element in the computer security, there aren’t too many options when you check in a regular offline store. Limited sizes and/or style, besides the price make the process dumb and boring.

Fortunately many computer locks stores have come up online, which have stocks of computer security tools you can choose from. That should help with your dilemma to purchase the ideal lock for your iMac laptop.

Some considerations for purchasing laptop locks include, size (whether grumpy or small), design (old fashioned or fit to contemporary offices/corporates), amount of security they offer, interference with the aesthetics of the room, simplicity in the installation.

The iMac plate lock is a high-security locking plate for the iMacs that has come in the market recently. The features of the computer lock include:

  • Prevents physical theft of iMac

  • Prevents accidental knock over which in case happens results in an expensive damage

  • 360-degrees rotation with a 120-degrees swivel option to add that element of convenience

  • You don’t have to drill the walls or use adhesive to the iMac stand

  • The surface doesn’t get damages as the base plate attaches to the desk

  • You will not see numerous cables dangling around your work place

  • Quick and easy installation

  • Doesn’t interfere with the aesthetics of the surrounding and unobtrusive method of securing laptops

  • Uninstalling is as easy as installing should you need the iMac for any service

  • Low profile design – sleek 7mm base plate

  • Comes with patented flat key which means there is one position to lock and one position to unlock

  • The Computer Security Locking Plate for the iMac comes with master key for schools, universities and corporate entities.

  • As an option, few computer locks come with 3-years anti-theft insurance

Online computer locks stores feature a variety of security solutions from universal to specific computer lock designs as well as price ranges that suit every pocket size. Just click on the link to go to home page of our online compulocks store.

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