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  • Published December 12, 2010
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Social Security Number (SSN) is a nine-digit code being issued by the Social Security Administration (SSA) to permanent citizens and working residents in the country. This code is needed for filing tax returns and is a requisite in opening bank accounts and obtaining loans. SSN is also interrelated to other identification records and therefore, must be given careful protection.

Having a SSN entails benefits that can be received during hospitalization or upon retirement. Application for acquisition and continuous checking of such benefits must be observed. You can enroll for these benefits through government websites using their quick online application. Today, the processing will only take weeks as compared to the month-long wait years ago. Furthermore, you can monitor your application by filling up a short form found in the sites. There are also some private websites that offer faster social security benefits verification.

To verify your social security benefits, you can also send a written request via the government agency websites or by contacting the agency through phone. These inquiries will receive answers within ten days. But if you choose personal visits, you will be required to submit certain proofs of identity.

Though having an SSN corresponds to some advantages, it also increases the threat in the security of our personal information, most specially when doing business ventures. Identity thefts are one of the concurring problems we have with the emerging and continuous development of internet.

But then, we have the SSN Verification system which makes protecting our important data easier.

There are a number of sites presenting free SSN validations. Though these sites offer strong protections through SSN verification, they would also conduct background checks. Bear in mind that even the slight information such as email address can cause you a lot. Hacking is one of the most rampant crimes these days.

SNN Verification is similar to getting protection for your personal site. Websites offering safeguards from content stealers and viruses abound in the internet. These sites do require fees, but these amounts are definitely small as compared to the security the sites can provide. You need to find an SNN Verification service provider that would give you correct and substantial results, while ensuring your own personal information’s safety.

In relation to this, we recommend to you a more convenient and safer SNN verification – our Instant Social Security Verification Solution. If it takes month for this process in the past, now, you can simply wait without worrying your application has been looked over or forgotten. In our Instant Social Security Verification Solution, you provide the social security number you want to check and we will furnish you results that will assist you in determining the identity, present and past address, length of residence in each address, and list of other people connected to the person in question. The process will also inspect the OFAC and the SSA’s Death Master Checklist.

Moreover, our Direct Check solution will be able to confirm if the SSN being verified really belongs to the person being checked. This process runs through the SSA’s Master File of Social Security Numbers; thus our findings are guaranteed 100% accurate.

Our instant social security verification solutions are ideal for users who want to validate the identity of people applying for loans or even for a job.

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