Mac Lock and Commonsense Should Deter Ladrones from Stealing Your IMac

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  • Published December 28, 2010
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I had had a friend whose G4 Tower was towed away. It was more than a disaster than losing his girl. He lost the data and he had no insurance. He did not have a backup nor did he do anything to see that information in his system did not reach crooks’ hands. No wonder it was more than a traumatic experience that my buddy underwent those days.

When I went to University, I was smart to make encrypted sparce disk image and have kept my images, videos, apps and music in these. Due to the size, I could easily back these up on to a DVD or an MP3. I even did the encryption thing that prevented someone per se from gaining access to my macbook.

To follow just these doesn’t make so much sense these days though. And the reality here is that a determined ladrone will make away with your mac book if you are too casual with your computer security. If you are taking a beautiful macbook with you to the school, you need to look at the mac lock options you have at your disposal; I meant the physical mac locks. But remember the usual notebook locks that use the VGA will not be the perfect computer security solution to your iMac.

In the first place remember to get insurance done for your expensive iMac, then as due diligence invest in buying a computer security hardware. In fact, a mac book lock is the pre requisite if you want to make any claim against theft of it. After a lock go for the other security options to prevent data access even if the thief gets away with the mac book.

While the mac locks that lock the cables come under $30, the maximum security will cost you about $100 clams. A low profile power mac security lock is always a good idea as it doesn’t interfere with fiddling with your mac book for installation and removal. From mini mac lock to mac locks there are good computer security solutions. Before all that just ensure that,

  • You set a password start as mandatory for the iMac.

  • Set the iMac to asking a password upon wake from sleep and even for removing the screen-saver.

  • Make arrangement to set the auto screen saver turn on after some amount of time.

  • God forbid you iMac doesn’t get stolen, but it pays to have a good backup system. Burn files at periodical intervals. Your iMac can be replaced but not the data and file unless you have a back up of them.

  • Last, encrypt the personal information and data, etc on the iMac.

  • Finally, get a good mac book lock to put your mind at ease.

There are many online mac locks stores but not all have the high-security mac locks. If you want a mac lock then the Mac Lock – Power Mac Security Plate Lock should be for you. From universal to specific iMac computer security hardware, the offers good solution. The designs and the price ranges available will suit everyone’s taste and pocket size.

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