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  • Published December 12, 2010
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PC locks are first line of your defense or computer security against the thefts that happen so often lately. In fact, according to the Federal Bureau of Investigation, theft of computing systems amount to several millions of US dollars a year in US alone. In this context, a PC lock maybe the inexpensive way to secure it from being lifted away.

Loss of hard drive, software, hardware, most importantly the sensitive data including personal information and credit card data are the things that will be up for the grab when a PC is stolen. An inexpensive PC lock for the computers is indeed the simplest way to give security to your PC as well as the data it contains.

Otherwise known as laptop lock or mac lock these PC locks secure the system in place using either a key or PIN like device to help serve it as first line of defense. However, when you have to review about PC lock information make sure you consider the following points before even choosing upon the provider of locks:

  • Type of the PC lock that best meets your computer security needs

  • PC lock cable material that you would like it to be made of

  • Whether your company really would benefit from the PC lock accessories offering additional computer security

Decide the type of PC locks that best meet your computer security objectives

For this, take the help of a PC lock directory which will give you details of different types of PC locks- majority of these comprise of cable-lock mechanism which much takes after a cycle lock. There are a few that sport tough and solid sleeve to secure the data too. Here the PC lock cable connects the system to one security slot which is present either on the side or even at the rear of the PC. A few of these use keys while a few others use combination lock so to offer security to the system from break in attempts.

Then compare the PC lock materials to consider the PC lock provider

Your list of things to consider a PC lock consider will be incomplete should you not take into account the materials used to make the cables that make them strong and impenetrable. While the cables are made using several types of materials, remember that if the material is more solid the harder it will be and more difficult for the ladrone to to cut through and run away with the PC.

PC lock accessories

There are many PC lock accessories that indeed offer extra line of security against theft.

Finally, you may want to save on the PC locks by buying them in bulk. Before buying, try and find a lock dealer who offers a bargain for the volume sales you are looking at. Then, as a final word of caution remember not to leave your PC unattended for extended periods of time even when you are using the PC lock.

There are many online PC locks stores but if you are looking for one that offers high security low-profile PC locks you may want to check at the From universal to specific computer security hardware, the online store offers good PC security solutions.

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