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  • Published December 26, 2010
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In these days of increasing cyber thefts and frauds it is more than a need to have your computer locked up whether it is a personal PC or a laptop used for personal or official purposes. Because if a fraud gets a hand on your machine/s you are on toast; first the fraud would walk off with the system and crack the device at leisure.

And, if you are unfortunate and have not secured the PC from cyber bullies the experience becomes even more horrific, the culprit could well open your iMac or home PC containing sensitive information and the nightmare starts from that moment. There were many instances of such cyber frauds landing innocents behind bars.

Therefore, it becomes essential to contain the thief to prevent him from walking away with your machine.

You might well wonder why an ordinary heavy-duty PC lock could well not secure your PC or workstation. Well the number of experienced lock breakers is so high lately, with the extensive knowledge they must have gathered through their PC stealing experience they can easily figure out how to break open even a heavy-duty ordinary PC locks. It is not because the thieves are outsmarting PC locks technology it’s just that you haven’t been using an appropriate PC lock. Ordinary heavy duty PC locks cannot be dubbed as the best PC locks; they are just another type of locks.

In general, any PC locks available today are short, tubular metal pieces having a stubby handle and a bump to put some torque on the lock. Most of these locks work just about the same way. In fact, with needle-nose-pliers and tools such as paper clip or a pen or pin most of these locks can be easily broke open too. Should the thief have sometime at his disposal he will not even ruin the lock yet disable or open the PC lock to get access to your hard disk and information thereof.

The PC locks have become laughable stock and nothing becomes easier to thieves than opening some of the locks.

But a few system-specific PC locks guarantee hundred per cent security to your PCs and although the high price bracket of these locks may deter you in buying these PC lock solutions they are definitely perfect for all the mobile professionals who intend to have a premium PC security solution.

From desktop computer cable locks to notebook computer cable locks to feature rich heavier and thicker iMac locks (that lock computer as well as its components with a cable lock) you can choose the one that suits your needs to prevent the equipment theft and derive maximum strength security solution for your computers.

There are many online PC locks stores but not all have the system-specific PC locks. If you want one high security low-profile brand specific PC lock then check at the From universal to specific laptop computer security hardware, the online store offers good PC security solutions.

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