Can You Get Life Insurance When Your High Risk?


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  • Published December 19, 2010
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In years past, many people were turned down for life insurance policies because they were deemed to be a high risk. Companies often demanded that applicants pass a physical exam that was done by a doctor of their choosing. If an applicant were unable to pass the exam, they would not be able to purchase a policy.

Today, however, many companies are taking a much more liberal approach to people who previously would have been instantly turned down. Many organizations are willing to consider and approve high-risk life insurance policies.

Who are the people in the past that may have been deemed too high a risk? These people most often included those with cancer or that were diabetic, as well as, those with heart disease, or other serious life threatening conditions. A company might have even turned down a person who was employed in a field of work that was considered dangerous or life threatening. In fact, a person might have even been declined because they were considered too old.

If you do have any of these conditions, an insurance company will probably want to know a great deal about the circumstances. Some of their queries will be such things as who your doctor is, what kind of medications you are on, how long you have had the condition and any treatments that you may be receiving or have received in the past.

Companies often also like to know what kind of lifestyle their applicants enjoy. This does not just include their daily occupation, but their leisure hours as well. A person who is engaged in extreme sports and/or other high-risk activities regularly may have been declined in the past. Now, however, many companies are willing to take the risk.

High-risk policies are not available with all organizations, and you may be required to do a bit of hunting, but be persistent. Furthermore, do not immediately assume that just because a friend relates a story to you about companies turning down someone with a disease or condition similar to yours, that you will not be able to get a life insurance policy. Or that, if you are able to get one, the premium will be off the chart.

Take the time and speak to various life insurance companies, and find out for yourself. Be sure to explain your situation and be honest. Any failure on your part to let the company clearly know about your condition or the withholding of any pertinent information could result in the policy being void when it comes time to collect.

You may be a high-risk life insurance candidate, but you can still get coverage. Almost everyone can get a reasonable policy that will suit their needs if they take the time to look.

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