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  • Published December 25, 2010
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Using the InstallAware MSI builder lets you use the features of the Windows Installer without the extra complications. It insulates you from the challenges of the Windows Installer engine while still allowing you to create logo-compliant MSI setups. If you are tired of the lack of user friendliness that people often complain about with regards to the Windows Installer, then the InstallAware Express MSI Installer is the solution that you are looking for. This solution puts you back into control of your setup process, providing you with the time you require to reach your goals and create efficient and effective solutions. It is a higher productivity system for constructing Windows Installer setup applications which are still fully logo-compliant.

The development environment is two-way, interactive and thoroughly modern. It works using an advance setup language which does not actually need any programming skills to work with. It also includes the ability to work with visual tools, dialogue designers, templates, samples, wizards and more. It includes a compiler as well as dynamic dependency scanning, guided debugging and automated ICE validation. The code and the visual designer are always synchronized so if you make any modifications in one, you will be able to see them in the other. This allows you to prototype your setup applications quickly using InstallAware's rapid development and design capabilities. The software is also the only other MSI builder available which can use the MSIcode setup language. This unique technology cuts down on your development time and makes the process much easier.

Using this solution, you can boost your productivity by enjoying the great advantage of automatically generated code and code changes which appear immediately in the designer. The code also gives you complete control over the flow of the installation without requiring any programming skills on your part. In spite of it being so easy, developers do not have to worry about creating unstable applications which do not meet industry standards. Using this solution, the results will be professional, industry standard and best of all, compliant with the Microsoft Windows logo standard.

You can enjoy handling every challenge in creating your setup applications. You can place setup commands instead of manually populating MSI tables. With this MSI builder, you can also deploy your setup components using a special installation technology. You may also select from a variety of templates, samples, wizards, visual tools and specialized dialogues. You can create impressive setups quickly including progress dialogues complete with HTML of flash billboards. There are 15 visually editable setup themes. The software also has the ability to use industry leading MSI compression to make your software more easily distributable. This is fully optimized for binary code.

To find out more about this powerful MSI a builder, pay a visit to the product website at . Delivery of the software is immediate as soon as you have purchased it and you can start enjoying a purely visual MSI development process complete with pure Windows Installer setups. To find out more about the impressive portfolio of features, look at the product website.

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