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  • Author Candice Jones
  • Published December 29, 2010
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Convert your fully fledged applications into executable files which can fully sustain themselves without requiring any further installation or prior extraction to start! With InstallAware Application Virtualization you can do just this. The software is easy to use, providing all of the features that you need for efficient and easy application virtualization. You can get all of the resources out of your original software that you need including dynamic libraries, ActiveX controls and any other kind of resources that are in the original application. All of these can be squeezed into a single executable file which works reliably and allows your software to be more easily and more conveniently distributed.

With InstallAware Application Virtualization, you no longer have to worry about any administrator rights. The applications can easily be run regardless of whether or not they require administrator rights. This means that you can run the software even without having administrative privileges.

InstallAware Application Virtualization also allows you to eliminate deployment conflicts. This allows developers to run incompatible applications at the same time, on the same desktop. Any deployment conflicts can be sidestepped with ease.

Software can also be converted using this solution. If you have a functioning setup for the application which you wish to virtualize, that is all you need to take advantage of this ability. The source and files of the original program are not even required to achieve this.

Your software can be carried with you wherever you go. This is particularly convenient, as you can simply put them it a USB stick or any other form of flash media or even a CD or other disk. Applications are truly portable using this solution. They never need to be extracted to the local computers on which you are going to use the application since they are loaded directly from a single executable file. This makes the process especially convenient since you can run the application anywhere you want without having to install it and without needing to clutter up the hard disk of the local computer with temporary installation files.

InstallAware Application Virtualization eliminates the necessity to install your software before running it. You can use the solution to capture the setup into a virtual application project. This allows you to create a truly portable, single executable file containing all of your programs resources. Files never have to be extracted and you can deploy your software on an unlimited number of clients with the royalty free licensing model provided.

With industrial strength application virtualization and many different features included such as the ability to migrate legacy applications, get rid of administrator rights and much more, InstallAware provides the ultimate solution. In addition, there is also a 30 day trial and a 30 day money back guarantee. The software is also completely royalty free so no client licenses are needed at any time. You can buy the software once and deploy it wherever you want and as often as you want. To find out more, visit the official product website at

Candice Jones runs a small software development studio and regularly uses application virtualization for deploying her software packages in a convenient and portable manner.

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