How to Make a Wish and Manifest it Using the Law of Attraction


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  • Published January 24, 2011
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Manifesting your desires using the Law of Attraction can be compared to Aladdin rubbing his lamp, and then making a wish to his genie. The genie then magically gives whatever Aladdin wished for.

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But it becomes different when it comes to the process of manifesting your desires because it is not as simple as just rubbing a lamp for the genie to come out, making a wish, and then you instantly get it. There are a series of steps you must take for you to be able to use the Law of Attraction to manifest your desires.

Let me now show you the steps.

  1. On Wish at a Time

You must give all of your focus to one desire at a time. Thinking of too many at a time will not give you great results. How you feel when you think of your desires and the duration or how long you think of them will define if you are going to get your desire or not.

Thinking of your desires must make you feel good, and you must constantly send this kind of vibration to the universe. To have a burning desire towards attaining your goal is also a requirement. You are going to get or become what you think about most of the time because that is the way the Law of Attraction works.

  1. Have The Right Kind of Expectation

You also must think of what you want as already part of your life. Go on with your usual day-to-day tasks but at the back of your mind, you must acknowledge your desire as already a part of your reality.

When you think of it this way, the universe can’t help but give you what you want for this is the right kind of expectation that aligns your thoughts and emotions to your intent.

  1. Believe

Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t, either way you are right. You must get rid of limiting beliefs because it will hinder the universe from giving you what you want. You must fill your personality with positivity about the possibility of attaining what you want.

Once you start thinking of what you want, you are already starting the process of manifesting it into your reality. For some people, the problem comes in when they start doubting that they are really going to get what you want.

Doubt can sometimes be the biggest problem for people who try to manifest their desires using the Law of Attraction specially when the desire that they are expecting takes longer to manifest than they expected.

The trick here is to not set a deadline when your desire is going to manifest into your reality. The universe will present what you want to you at the right time. We are not that smart to know when the right time will be.

So be patient and believe that you are going to have what you want at the right time. Just keep on thinking of your desire, feel good about it, and live your life as if you are already enjoying it. Manifesting your desires using the Law of Attraction can be really easy if you would follow and practice its principles with great discipline and with great belief in them.

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