You Are Being Attacked - Scream And Shout For Help!


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  • Published January 30, 2011
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If you regularly use the Internet to watch music videos and short movie clips then you have probably watched terrifying video footage of street assaults, robberies, bullying, and many other forms of victimization. Shocking clips of vicious behavior are also used by large television news networks to highlight crime. With fear for our personal safety an ever-present factor in our daily lives it is no surprise that learning self-defense is a priority for so many of us.

There are endless reasons for Joe or Jane Average to be targeted for an attack. For example, a typical bar bully is looking to boost his ego and make you feel small and weak, possibly leading to a physical confrontation that he feels confident of winning. He wants others to see his superiority to you and will usually crave an audience. In contrast, a street robber could use a shock attack that will force you to hand over something, either using violence or the threat of violence. This kind of attacker might be completely stopped simply by the fear of being seen or heard. He does not want to be watched while committing a crime.

If you are unfortunate enough to be confronted with a street attack of any kind then you should consider shouting or screaming for help. In the heat of the moment, clear thinking is critical for survival, and any self-defense training you have taken should help you think clearly and function correctly. Passers-by, or local residents, may not wish to become involved, fearful for their own safety, but if your attacker is concerned about being caught then drawing attention to your situation could scare him away.

How dare you attack me!

Some advice for victims of street robbery suggests simply complying with your attacker's demand to preserve your own safety, and this is often the best thing to do. Your life is far more important than your watch, your money, or your car, but human nature can sometimes make it difficult for us to concede defeat. We cannot tolerate the injustice of a situation without fighting for what we believe is right.

How many options do you truly have if you are facing an attack? How much time do you have to decide what to do? What if your attacker is threatening you with a knife, or a gun? What if there are two attackers, or three, or six?

Being in a confrontational situation and facing the possibility of serious injury, or even death, is a frightening experience even for a well-trained person. It is impossible to predict how you will react if you are suddenly plunged into a world of violent hatred. Self-defense lessons will allow you to feel more confident in your everyday activities, but if the moment ever comes when you are forced to use your training there may be better option.

No escape route? Make as much noise as you can!

In the heat of the moment you should always first seek an escape route. If you cannot run away then shout out help. Scream, blow a whistle, sound a personal alarm, whatever it takes to draw as much attention to yourself as possible. Do not be concerned about waking people if it is late. Do not worry about making a fool of yourself, just concentrate on your survival. Fortunately, even in our seemingly uncaring society, there are plenty of people who will respond to cries for help, and one good citizen might make a huge difference.

G J Thomas is the owner and writer of Hand To Hand Combat Lessons. He has a passion for helping ordinary people overcome life's obstacles. For more self-defense advice visit Hand To Hand Combat

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