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  • Published February 8, 2011
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Many people are confused by the antivirus and firewall as one but these are two different programs having their own unique capabilities to protect your computer from intrusions and virus. A firewall gives protective cover to your systems while blocking access whereas antivirus locates any virus, scans the system and removes it.

Many of the companies incorporate both the features of the antivirus and firewall making it most adequate antivirus firewall software to give your computer full protection.

Firewall works in two different ways- it first analyzes and then checks to see if the information in the data is complying with the rules which could be configured. The analysis is done to know about the IP address it is coming from and the content which it has. The program also shows whether application is able to send or receive the data through the port it is connected to.

Since last few years, antivirus programs are coming with much advanced heuristic detection system and now as in 2010; there is antivirus firewall software with more developed protective features with best checking system and even analysis of file reputation system. Many of the antivirus firewall software systems have also incorporated many technologies like in the Cloud making it more convenient and effective for users.

Which program should be preferred? Should we prefer antivirus software and firewall separately or should we use the software having the features of both the programs together? This is the question that puzzles most of us. I suggest it is better to choose the software having both the features together as it is more effective, cheaper and easy to use. Combination of both the firewall and antivirus is the best suggestion and comes both free of cost and paid. You can choose anyone, which you feel is more effective for you.

I hope this article has added vital information to your knowledge and if you want to have more insight into antivirus firewall software visit link below.

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