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  • Author Marina Janakievska
  • Published February 25, 2011
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There are many ways to spend your free time, based on the things that are yours greatest interests. A lot of people like to relax, watch movie or listen to music, but also many people like to spend their free time being active on different ways. They usually choose hobbies that are asking more effort and sweat, like sports, running, climbing, dancing, maybe paintball… And if you are one of those who like this kind of actions, who like to run and shoot, who like sniper games as well, being paintball sniper could definitely fulfill your dreams. It's a real test of skill and technique, and besides the correct mindset, you need the appropriate gear.

The paintball sniper could be described as the "quiet one" and probably he is the most disciplined player. They don’t need amounts of specialized equipment; they rely on their own abilities and their good sense of where to hide and when to shoot. Do not exist some magic gun that kills from 300 feet or a perfect camouflage, so this player should possess ability of smart thinking and making good strategies. It’s about a player that is willing to be patient and to play alone, or eventually with the player called "observer". The observer goes behind the sniper; he protects and backs up him, guides him to targets and makes sure that there is no one behind him. They do everything very carefully, very slowly and silence.

Most guns shoot about the same distance, so the important thing is to find a gun that is accurate and consistent. The essential thing to be a good sniper is the ability to hit target on the first try. These vital shots can’t be done from a gun that doesn’t shoot the same speed consistently; you should look for guns with regulator. Good thing is that your gun is not brightly coloured, as a sniper you need something that blends into the surroundings and does not stand out. The same runs for the clothes, they should not be conspicuous. You could use a camouflage, or a ghillie suit, or anything that integrates with the environment.

Snipers make various strategies to attack. Many times (Time and time again) they go to a position from where could be seen the opposing bunker and the payers positioned in and around it. They usually use one shot to either take the bunkered players out or to keep them worried. The opposite team should not know from where it comes. The sniper will hit them or scare them, so they will do something stupid like running out of the bunker, or appearing into the line of fire where they will face with the rest of the team.

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