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  • Author Marina Janakievska
  • Published February 11, 2011
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There are some people that don’t have any problems expressing them selves. They have the inborn talent for speaking and seems like they have the power to befall in every possible situation, communicating with people from various professions and with various interests. No matter if you belong to this group of people or not, you should know that communication is something that can be learned. Role playing is one of the greatest ways to improve your communication skills. And unlike the rpg games, this involves active speaking and listening not only quiet imitation of the potential character.

At first everybody could think that communication is about speaking, but actually this process involves more listening than speaking. The point is to truly release your own thoughts while taking in the ideas and opinions of the person speaking and backwards. The communication most often breaks down when someone is more engrossed in his thoughts and thinks of the way how he will relay them. In this situation he is actually missing a good percentage of what the other person is conveying.

When you are the Speaker, no matter if it’s about business or your personal life, it’s always important to set up scenarios where you have a message that you need to convey to another person. To practise that set up scenarios in the appropriate fields – situation with an angry costumer, fight with your girlfriend… Work to remain clear and concise in your language and be prepared for the moments when you encounter obstacles, disagreement or objection for the other party. The objective speaker limits emotional outbursts.

The second role is the role of the Listener. In case when you are emotionally engaged in what is going on, your mind goes from thought to thought as you desperately attempt to get thoughts and arguments. You should refer to a courtroom. There people cannot speak out of turn, so you could keep a notebook to make notes or simply listen and take in what the person is saying. Afterward you’ll have an opportunity to speak to relay your opinions and be aware that they will always be better formulated when you have listened to the other person. The same rule is important for listening as for the speaking, having emotional outbursts, even in your own mind, can destroy effective communication.

The previous example was with a courtroom but in normal life this isn't how normal communications work. People engaged in effective communication have a give and take - you speak while I listen and when the thought is finished, the other person speaks about what you just said. This could be confusing at first in role playing but try to limit the time one person is allowed to speak. This is an effective way to accustom finishing a thought and not the whole conversation before the other person speaks.

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