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  • Published February 22, 2011
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This is the best pick up lines... how you walk up to a pretty girl in a club and take her home, pick up lines are the right words that does the picking. It is obvious that only one person goes home with the most beautiful girl in the room. This is why some guys keep getting the sweet girls while other are stuck with one or even none. You are seated at the end of the room staring at a beautiful girl without knowing what to say to her or how to even strike up a conversation

OK you wanted to ask for her number at least that is always the beginning, so what do you do? Walk over to where she is seated, present your phone and say "type it" or probably present a gun and say "type it or I shoot you," really guys could get that desperate when a far pretty girl is involved. Guys want to get the best girl in the crowd but it is stunning that most of what is written on the internet about communication with women and what is called best pick up line are mare compliments.

Lets get straight here, the best pick up lines are expected to get women to like you, they are the first thing you say to a girl the first time you meet her. what I am saying is that most guys think the best way to start a conversation is by telling her how pretty she looks. Now, that has been proven ineffective.

Guys are used to giving compliments to beautiful ladies, we seem default programmed to always do that, I mean to always start by telling them how pretty they look and all those often used lines. I told guys to stop complimenting and start confronting if they want to get pretty girls. When you tell a beautiful girl that she is beautiful, she's probably heard that over a thousand times.

And they always come from guys who are probably trying to bribe their way through. Women have gotten used to guys placing them above, they regard these guys as "fans" and I bet you don't want to be seen as a fan instead of the real man. Women want a tougher man, a stronger guy, someone tougher than them, women want a guy that calls the shot, they feel more secured with such guys, unlike the ever crying, always begging guys.

I guess you should now know that starting off with compliments mars more than it makes. While not look for the slightest opportunity to tease her, yes! When she steps on you suddenly, ask her if this is her only way of showing off, tell her to try harder, tell her you are not too cheap to fall for that little trick. Whenever we talk about pick up line and communication, guys are like, how can you say that to her? She probably would run to the other end of the room.

Do you notice that those real guys that get women are not the very nice type, yes! And I am very sure of that, the nice guy plays "nice" all along while the bad guys keeps hitting it. If you want to start picking the best kind of girls, Start getting a little more tough. Start teasing her, start talking about things she didn't do well, you don't just walk up to her and deal out an insult, the language is called cocky funny, The best pick up lines are cocky funny pick up lines

A little bit cocky and then funny, Like when you see a lady walking along your street, then you turned to her and say something like, "hey I would rather we hire a different taxi for your handbag" talking about her handbags, then she would be like "really, but I am OK" then you went on with how you think it is heavy and how you would ban all handbags if you become the president to enable our ladies walk freely.

That is an introduction to cocky-funny pick up line, when you understand how this works, your would be able to talk funny and get girl laughing at almost nothing. Effective communication in relationship is very essential to the success of any relationship, you need to know what to say and how to say it from the first day you meet her till the day she finally becomes your wife.

The best pick up lines are the ones that truly gets you the girls, not some over-used line often copied down from the internet and labeled "pick up lines." When I first started dating I was stuck following those lines but now I know better.

See the best pick up lines that really changed my approach and gave me more girls. And also take a look at the basics of Communication with women, talk your way to hot girls.

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