Improve Memory With A Good Lifestyle


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  • Published April 22, 2011
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There are various techniques that you can follow to Improve Memory and also the overall wellbeing of the brain. Many believe that only students need a good memory to remember facts and figures, but the ability to remember is necessary for everybody to meet day-to-day responsibilities successfully.

Good Diet And Physical Exercise Essential

Sometimes when we try to remember something but cannot succeed, we put a lot of strain on our minds which makes us mentally fatigued. By using methods of memory improvement, we can to recall information from our brain easily. An important step is to eat a diet which is good for brain. The brain cells need vitamins and essential fatty acids more than carbohydrates. Also, drinking tea, coffee, and chocolate drinks in the right amount is good for the brain to function well as they contain caffeine, a brain stimulant. You should minimize the intake of junk food and aerated drinks. A good helping of fruits and vegetables daily gives our brain the nutrition to stay healthy. Vegetables like carrot and citrus fruits are rich in vitamins which is good for brain. You can also take supplements like multivitamins because we do not get all the essential nutrients from our daily food. Even if you make a conscious effort to eat a healthy diet, some foods are sure to get left out. Another good way to Improve Memory is to have a daily routine of physical exercise. This increases blood circulation to the brain cells and makes them function well. Also, the mind is relaxed and happy after physical exercise, which is positive for the complete body. You should try to carry out moderate outdoor exercises like a brisk morning or evening walk, swimming, cycling, and jogging daily. These help keep the body fit and also stimulate the brain.

Proper Rest Is A Must

Along with physical exercise, you should practice different games to Improve Memory. There are many mind games like quizzes, picture-matching games, crosswords, and puzzles which require the player to recall necessary information from the mind. These games make the mind alert, improve concentration, and develop habits like ignoring distractions and focusing on the information to be stored. There are certain methods of learning which are important to Improve Memory. When a person has to remember some information like a name or a phone number or someone's birthday, he can use such memory improvement techniques to help him retain the information. Such methods include making patterns, connecting the new matter to some prior information, and using rhymes to make remembering easier. For instance, while learning a friend's birthday, you can connect it to the month or date of some other person's birthday that you already know. Also, remembering the first alphabets of each word that needs to be remembered makes learning and recalling easier. An essential method of memory improvement is to learn the information at the right time. Reading the matter thoroughly before sleeping can help the person to recall the information in the morning.

Considering all the information that we learn everyday, a good night's sleep is essential to Improve Memory as it helps the brain to rest and rejuvenate for the next day.

In order to Improve Memory, you should lead a healthy lifestyle and follow memory improvement techniques to learn faster, retain well, and remember information readily.

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