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  • Published April 27, 2011
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The candidate appears for the interview as a fresher or as an experienced person. The situation is normal and the candidate is judged for his/her skills and competency. The situation becomes a real tough one in cases where, the candidate has got fired from the job and now is seeking the job. The interviewer is now curious to know why the candidate was fired. So if you were fired? Your interview solution is here.

The interview tips explain that accept the fact that you are fired and be prepared for the interview likewise. You should successfully explain the reason, why you got fired from the job?

Always remember, the interviewer has his own sources to get to know the factual information. They can contact HR of the previous company from where you were fired. So whatever may be situation or circumstances in which you were fired, take it as a learning experience. Admit the mistakes committed or accept the fact that you were not suitable for that particular job. At the same time show the assertiveness that you are confident to grab the job opportunities that would do justice to your skills and abilities.

Why You Were Fired?

The possible answers for the question can be:

• I appreciate the company decisions as they are the better persons to judge whether I was competent for that particular job profile. As per what I studied about your company’s demands, my skills and competency match your requirement. So in a way I feel what happened was good for me too, as I got clarity about my capabilities.

• I admit that I could not give the best results in the previous company as I was going through severe ups and downs in my personal life. The problems overshadowed my work responsibilities. Now all the issues are settled and I have become strong to grab the new job. I have learned from my mistakes and have already paid a large amount for that. So I assure that this won’t be repeated in my professional life anymore.

There can be other perspectives to look into this situation. Think about the facts judiciously and decide how to answer the question. In such cases your motive should be to come out with a clean chit. Probably you will have to compromise on the salary scale. Once you get the job though you were fired for any reason, it would ultimately break the barrier to excel in your career.

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Mount Snow
Mount Snow · 9 years ago
Really this is very useful will help more to get job..who is jobless right now..

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Very important and useful article. It will help those people who lost their job.

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hey ashton great article thanks for sharing this information it would really benefit to all those are freshers searching for job and also experienced for change.