When Learning How to Get a Girlfriend, Watch for These 4 Simple Things


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  • Published April 29, 2011
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So you want to learn how to get a girlfriend. You've taken a huge step in the right direction buy finding this article. A very important aspect of dating is to know when a woman is interested in you, and when she's not. You want to be able to keep the conversation flowing, and keep her focused on you. This guide will help you understand when your girl is into you and when she's not.

  1. Body language is the first and most thing to look for in a woman that you're dating. For instance if she's looking directly into your eyes, and smiling that is a definite sign that she's interested in you. If you see your woman with crossed arms, and she seems to be distracted, chances are that things are not going well.

  2. Complements is another sign to look out for. If the woman that you are with is constantly giving you a compliment, that means that she is definitely interested in you. Whenever women complement a man that they just met, the chances are that she's into you.

  3. If a woman approaches you, that is a huge indicator of interest. Most women do not have the balls to walk up to a man they never met and start a conversation. However, if she really wants you, she'll take the initiative and actually approach you. If you notice this happening, it is a definite sign of attraction.

  4. Comfort when the two of you are very close together it is a huge indicator of interest. This means when your bodies are really close together, like when whispering something into her ear in a club and she leans back into to you, she's interested. If on the other hand she pulls away when you move into her personal space, that could be a sign that she is not interested, or at least not comfortable with you.

Even though a lot of this stuff on the list might seem really obvious, a lot of guys will actually overlook it. Women are very subtle. When learning how to get a girlfriend, be sure to pay close attention to the items mentioned on this list.

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