If You Want to Learn How to Get a Girlfriend, Then Follow These Tips


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  • Published April 29, 2011
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It's important that you poses the traits that women are looking for in order to build attraction. These things can be learned, but most women are subconsciously looking for these attributes in a man. The man that has these techniques mastered, will be much more attractive than those who don't .

  1. If you want to build attraction in a woman, It's important to show that you are truly independent, and not completely focused on whether or not she's interested in you or not. A man that is good with women will often be a bit distant at first, even though playful, and not take things too seriously. If she wants to hang with you, she will. If you don't see each other again, it's cool. That type of attitude will build attraction in almost any woman. Independence is key to attraction.

  2. Confidence is the number one factor when building attraction with women. Confidence cannot be faked. Women have far more interactions with men, than you have had with women. They're extremely good at picking up lies and fake emotions. You have to go on plenty of dates to get your confidence up. If faked, a woman will spot it a mile away and kill your chances with her.

  3. If you want to build real attraction in women, the key idea to remember is that you're the trophy, not her. If she's able to win you over, and make you hers, then she feels a sense of accomplishment. Girls like anyone else are not attracted to men that just make themselves 100% available to them. You want to make her work for you. The more she works, the more attractive you will be to her.

  4. It's important to be the alpha male with women. Believe it or not, a woman would much rather you hit on her, and try to make out with her, then not attempting anything at all. Women simply expect a man to try to have sex with them. If you're shy about it, and don't make you move, then she will either think you're gay, or that you're not attracted to her. Either way, it's important to be a man and make moves with your date when you feel it's right. If not, she'll lose respect for you and that kills attraction.

To put it simply, you want to come off as slightly distant with women. Don't make yourself easily available to them. The more you make a woman work for, the more she'll be attracted to you. It is important to be a man at the right times and lead, as well as sometimes kick back and let her lead.

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kresil stubby
kresil stubby · 9 years ago
hahahah! i had so much fun reading this! im not a boy but still want to know how a man could get a girlfriend!! i will let my brother read this.thank you so much!